Evening Walk – sun came out !

I recently took a introductory course on how to use my cell phone to take pictures. Jane Huxtable Spencer, who is a photographer in her own right offered each of us the basics of setting up our camera on our cell phone and what the various functions do. Pretty cool. So naturally I had to try out a few things tonight on my walk down around the wharf.

We did get into to editing but hopefully she will run a second course that gets into to editing in more depth.

Two ships docked at Muskoka Wharf
Crouching down for a different view
Stepping off the path
Serious poker run boat
With those engines ….
We love the Segwun and Wenonah II
Reminder we need to cut back some greenery for the sign
Gazebo on the sports field
Beautiful evening !

So I got my 7k in on this walk – didn’t really plan on that!

Day after Boxing Day

Black dog with white markings standing in snow at Lookout Park
Peanut walking at Lookout Park

Spent time with the Best friends, family and loved ones over Christmas. I am truly Thankful for all the Joy. I also appreciate the efforts of all to make this Christmas a special one.

Back home in Gravenhurst after driving 600 km? It’s nice to put my feet up and watch Coronation Street after taking Peanut for a walk to the park.

Fun Times

I love December. Get the Christmas decorations out. Baking, putting up the tree – even if only 1 foot tall.

So I cleared out the storage unit and brought it to the basement of where I am living now. Naturally I still have purging to do as well as making an “Amanda” box and an “Allan” box.

Fun times!

Also laid eyes on a few more pictures Gord painted – I like this one

Hard to know exactly where in Muskoka it is? Part of his uncle’s property in Purbrooke? Winter though -which can be so beautiful in Muskoka.

Saturday in Gravenhurst

I had originally wanted to go Grimsby to see my daughter, however a) I didn’t get up until 930 and b) my legs said we need to walk, not spend hours sitting and driving, so after enough coffee and sending Chris off on a ride, Peanut and I went to town to walk.  Too many mosquitoes to walk in the country.   Hit the dog park first- where it poured rain-and after the rain stopped to the Wharf to hike the trail…Peanut and I had the whole point to ourselves so I let her go leash free- and she was a good girl – returning when I whistled.  We visited the Children’s Memorial Gazebo, truly a special place where beloved children who have died too young can be remembered by placing a plaque on the roof of the gazebo, it is hard to express the feeling of being in such a natural environment where these kids spent their childhood time and remembering them.

The sun came out along with the heat so Peanut and I continued our hike along the boardwalk, a little easier and cooler.  Happy times!

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Everyday Living with MS

My Fitbit alarm vibrates on my arm at 630 am.  This works way better than Chris tugging on my toes or Peanut giving me a nudge with her wet nose.  My Fitbit tells me I get an average of 5 hours solid sleep.  I don’t pay attention to tingles in my feet, or minor muscle spasms that come and go anymore- not going to lose anymore sleep than I have to.  I can hit the shower and be at work in half an hour – as long as my keys are where they are supposed to be and I can find my phone – otherwise…..

I never know whether or not I will have a headache-either migraine, eye pain nerve pain on one side of my face , twitches or nothing.  Really you can pick a symptom -fatigue, blurry vision, difficulty getting the right words from my brain to my mouth, balance, it is a crap shoot – the trick is not to get hung up on it – excessive emotional reactions, either really happy or balling my eyes out – the list goes on, but as long as I don’t get stuck , I can be a cheerful person , enjoy going to work, gym, reading, motorcycle rides and boating.

Now this spring we have had a serious lack of sunshine, and a surplus of rain.  Urg – thankfully I love to read and have Peanut and Chris to snuggle with.

So living with a chronic illness is doable-focus on the living part and finding what interest gets you going and go!

Now if it’s the weekend – that’s a different story altogether!

Lost Art of Collecting Birth and Death Notices

sketch of two boys and two girls
My two older brothers and sisters

This picture was always a favourite of mine growing up.  My eldest brother John, older sister Barbara, my late sister Mary and Thomas.  I came along 8 years after Thomas naturally I was not included.  They look so happy and joyful.  I asked my brother Thom if he could scan his and send me a copy, which he promptly took care of, now that he is retired.   He asked me for a photo of me when I was a baby or child that I could add to this, but I haven’t found one yet.  I did go to my copy of the “Glover” book, and found a number of cut outs that my mum had done with birth and death notices since the book was published.  I am amazed at how good she did at keeping them.  In order for someone to send you a notice, they first have to know your address.  I am not sure how many of my relatives know my mailing address.  We all correspond in email form now or look on Facebook or a blog to see what someone is up to.  I don’t know about you, but do you nicely catalog all your emails, notices etc.???  Do you “tag” your pictures or letters?  Do you move everything over if you get a new computer?  I don’t know if my kids do any of this stuff.  Yet they have a host of cousins, aunts and uncles that they’ve never seen, and the connection has withered somewhat by time and distance.

So now that I have a copy of this lovely picture, I am going to see if  can get it printed on that lovely matted paper that they used to use, and frame it so I can see it.  I guess the next thing to do would be to scan all those notices or list them somewhere in the book so the story can continue in “The Glover Book” .

Sainte-Marie Among The Hurons Miata Midland Cruise

8 Miata cars
Pretty good looking line up I’d say!

This cruise was the first one that I have “directed” for our local Muskoka Miata Club.  We started our cruise in Washago at a new fresh food market called “Canoe”.  Fresh pressed coffee and a fresh cinnamon bun was just the ticket to start the day.  We had 8 Miatas of various vintages to cruise the back roads to Sainte-Marie among the Hurons in Midland.  More experienced club members were on hand to make sure we tested our CB’s and that I had all our signed u members accounted for.

We started the day with our tops down in the true spirit of the day.  After realizing I had left my written notes at home, we used my GPS to run the route from our test run.  My co-pilot must remember her reading glasses for the next trip!!  She was great at advising up coming turns using a CB.  A wonderful bonus of farm country is the roads are in a grid pattern, so if we missed a turn, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.  We drove around the bottom of Sparrow Lake and headed south and west over hills and dales seeing all the country estates and fall harvest looking farmsteads.  The roads were in great shape and we wound down River Road in Coldwater before heading along highway 12, also freshly paved to arrive at in Midland.  We departed at 9:30 and arrived close to 11, just about dead on for timing.

According to the Guide, Sainte-Marie among the Hurons was a 17th century French Jesuit mission to the Huron (Wendat) nation that last for 10 years.  The site was taken on in 1964 by the Ontario Government, in cooperation with the Society of Jesus and the University of West Ontario and opened to the public in 1968.  Our group spent a mere hour and a half touring the site, with self guided “wands” to explain the different structures and explain the history.  Definitely worth a return visit!

A short 5 minute drive later we arrived at Henry’s, for a fabulous fish and chips lunch, there are actually two restaurants, the other one is on an island …an adventure for another day….

Pouring down rain shrunk our group for the second leg of the cruise to Big Chute Marine Railway where the rain let up for those who wanted to stroll about.  The last two cars headed on to Bala to finish the cruise at Don’s Bakery. The weather stayed foggy and the roads wet, but the fall colours were evident and will probably peak soon.

My co-pilot had never been down Southwood Road, a nice twisty route that would bring us back closer to home, it is the path to the Torrance Barren’s a local dark sky reserve where the stars are lit brilliantly with minimal light pollution to distract from the sky.  My co-pilot enjoyed the scenery while I enjoyed the twisty roads!

Whew!  Made it Home!!

Blogging 101: Dream Reader

deck railing, sun shining through trees
Afternoon sun filtering through the trees

I was visiting my daughter the other day and we were talking about friends.  I have a picture of my best friends and I celebrating our 40th birthday together.  Now I have known these girls since high school, and we have managed to stay in touch over all the years.  Both the girls and their partners.  Some periods of time one of us is closer to another of the girls, or to a different couple, but we have manged to stay connected.

When my husband was sick with cancer these friends held me up and kept me going.  I don’t know if I ever thanked them properly.  I do appreciate everything they did hands down, and I would be there for them.  After my husband passed away we drifted, I really had no idea what I was doing other than trying to get by one day at a time with my kids.

Today, my daughter has connected with a couple of those best friends, and they have become an important part of her life.  To me, that is a gift that her dad has left her.  They can share different memories with her, and offer her different ideas to help her along her path.  The circle of friendship will continue, and that is a beautiful thing.

MS and brain muscle memory

So, I haven’t been out for dinner during the week, since, I don’t know when….A good friend invited me over tonight, so after leaving work I came out of the parking lot and turned right….and I should have gone left…..but that was okay, because if I kept driving straight, I would come to the highway, and be able to go South again, but since I was going Noth, I thought I was going to Bacebridge, so I did…go to Bracebridge, and then came across the bridge and went South…whew….got to the correct road, turned right and went right by her house, because there isn’t any snow on the ground now!   At least that is what I told myself!

I made it, success, a lovely evening, and home I go, except, well, this is really bad….I went back to the office…..:)


April ? Bring ?

It’s always disappointing when there is still snow on the ground on April 1st. Normally I don’t like to travel far when it is a rainy-snowy-who knows what temperature it will be? weekend but I had booked myself to Grimsby to see the family, friends, new pets and cousin so off I went!

It is so sweet to see how Drew and Amanda’s home is coming along and we headed off to the Niagara Home and Garden show with Ellen, Mike, Amy and baby Emma.

Followed by a lovely lunch at Jordon House and a relaxing family evening.

More snow for the drive home – honestly!

Gravenhurst Winter Carnival 2019

Wow! Talk about a perfect winter weekend for outdoor activities! Amanda and Drew were up for a visit so I walked uptown first thing – well almost first thing and picked up some event buttons for them. I watched the bed races on the Main Street then headed home to meet the kids – Polar bear dip at Gull Lake and the Radar races on Muskoka Bay along with lunch at Boston Pizza pretty much filled up our day.

Sunday I caught a ride to the demolition derby at the Severn Bridge fairgrounds-

Tomorrow will be a recovery day I think although there are lots of family activities going on- here are a few pics