December 30, 2013

Whew! for a day off it sure was busy!!  Started the day with a healthy hemp smoothie with orange juice, blueberries, pineapple and hemp stuff, made a lovely coffee to follow.  Hmmm, got the turkey soup in the slow cooker, did a 40 minute mindfulness yoga, tidied up, dusted, brought in the garbage and recycling containers.  Of course all these tasks took place over the course of the day, yoga was lovely with the sunshine pouring in the windows.  Did the dishes.  Tried to make a surprise for my fella, but honestly, technology was not my friend today, so we will just have to see how it all turns out. 🙂

Watched a wee bit of TV, but not much, John Carter Movie, am going to have to watch it AGAIN, for the 3rd time, without distractions or Facebook.  Did not bring in more wood, which given that it did not get above -11 C, might be a good idea, but I am pooped!!



No boxing day shopping for this lady

Today was a lovely quiet day, filled with puppy therapy provided by my sister’s 3 labs – yellow, chocolate and black, and her labs’ friend, another yellow lab.  This is the first year in say 13 years, that I have not had a dog of my own, only 2 of the last 29 have been dog less.  Feels a little weird.  Now we do have Scruffy the cat, who thankfully is quite affectionate and loving.  In the spring, when there isn’t 3 feet of snow, we may consider another dog.  For now though, Scruffy has lots of love to share.

Gazebo at Gravenhurst Wharf covered in snow
Need a hot toddy!

Christmas Day 2013

Picture f shoreline and frozen lake with snow.
Christmas Day – Beach at Nagaya, Kahshe Lake

Life is wonderful.  Turkey is in the oven and the aroma brings back wonderful memories, and my daughter is already looking forward to leftovers!!  One of the best Christmas mornings in a long time.  I think the Mindfulness course I took is paying off big time.  It was a mad dash to get all the decorating in the house done on the 23rd, since if we haven’t been working, we have been shovelling – 189 cm of snow in December, pretty much snow every day, or -25C and sunny, take your pick.  Enjoying every moment, as it comes along.