Weekend to end Staycation

Sunshine, low humidity and moderate heat (20Cish or 70Fish) – I love it! Booking holidays is always a crapshoot for the weather. I had picked this week for a milestone birthday, but thanks to Covid-19, no big birthday party. Which is fine, I did not have huge expectations so no huge disappointments and besides my wonderful grandson came to visit on my birthday! Truly a blessed day! I appreciate to no end the effort my daughter made to drive up and spend the day with me. That was a gift beyond value.

Spending time, chatting about everything and nothing, sharing a meal, visiting the market and driving about town. Getting down on the floor to play with my grandson – priceless! His smile, his infectious laugh – so memorable! Seeing the strides in his development! The weather that day was humid, hot, and sunny but too much for my MS and the little guy – fortunately I have air conditioning units and they were cranked lol.

Today, I am sitting in the shade, under the pine trees, watching all the dragonflies, feeling the gentle breeze – enjoying the view of the pond – and I need a coffee lol.

7 month old grandson playing on the floor looking at me
Hi grandma!