May 18, 2013 -May 24 Long Weekend Muskoka

Single pink Trillium

The weather is optimal.  Sitting in the gazebo in the back yard.  Puttered a bit, listening to tunes, bit of house cleaning.  We have some lovely trillium patches in the rear and side yard.  The one with this post is pink, with a number of white ones surrounding it.

Now it also happens to be an anniversary -uhuh, May 18, 1985. It was a beautiful day then, and it is a  beautiful day today. Have a glass of your favourite beverage to toast the memories!!

I do count my blessings, and am very fortunate to be able to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me here at Tuck with Chris.  The tunes on the radio are traditional MAY 24 tunes(  I think some kids think it means a two four of beer rather than the celebration of the Queen’s Birthday) that we all grew up with, and our kids probably know by heart.  We can hear the boats on the water from here.  Friends drop by, go for a drive, out for dinner and quiet moments.  Enjoy every minute.


Where does the time go?

How does it happen? If we are supposed to slow down and live each moment, where do they all go? I posted a picture of our front garden, the first blooms that came out.  I am slowly trying to build on the perennials that came to the garden before my time.  It is a bit of a challenge.  I am currently noticing an abundance of grass.  Plus, stuff that I supposedly weeded out, and tossed to the side -is sprouting, and um, maybe should not have been tossed at all.  Definitely need the little green fence border that you can get.  Or something that will prevent my rather blind pug from aimlessly roaming into the garden and having a nap in the sun.

Still do not have this blog looking the way I want.  Frustrating.  I should have left well enough alone.   Tomorrow is another day.

Sunshine has come to Muskoka

I gotta say first though, that I have not got the look of this blog the way I want it.  A learning curve I guess.  My MS is still being a bit persnickity, annoying and tiresome, but hey, when the sun is shining, and the weather outside is delightful, who cares??  Top is down on the Miata, everyone is smiling at work, stuff gets done, just a little more slowly.  I did make an appointment to move forward with taking a learning course on mindfullness.  I did get a massage.  I did get one set of taxes done.  I did have some crying jags, but crying, for me, is like, a release.  Like cleansing my emotions.  If I feel like I need to cry, and I put it off, my body gets pissed, and that is not good.  I think it is part of spring cleaning for the soul.  Sunday, is my local MS Walk , and I am very thankful for all the support that my friends and family have given both me, and the MS Society of Canada with their donations.  We are going to see IRON MAN 3 tonight.  How does it happen, that the popcorn and pop cost twice as much as the tickets??  Did I mention I like extra butter?? Real butter???  Extra?? Part of the movie going experience is fresh popped popcorn with real butter.  Otherwise, you might as well wait, and rent it.  At which point, you might as well microwave Orville’s extra buttery flavour popcorn.  I do hope to purchase an air popper in the near future, where upon, I will then melt real butter to put on it.  I may even spend an extra penny on organic butter.

I am trying to progress to a more healthy eating style.  Less chemicals, more pure food.  Not cheap to do.  It takes a lot of work, to read all those labels, and or ingredients.  I do read about how we don’t do enough labelling ie: GMO vs non GMO ingredients.  It is all well and fine to have some organic ingredients, but then if it is combined with GMO’d ingredients what do you have??  A headache!!  LOL It is a daily challenge to remember to eat right, exercise and get plenty of fluids.  After spending years making sure my kids did it, well, as much as possible, I need to refocus on moi.  Am I selfish?  I don’t think so, no one else is going to do it for me.

Books – bought the 2nd book in the series by Ken Follet Winter of the World ?  I read it in between everything else, but is lovely to read, and I am enjoying it.  I don’t know how people keep track of books – if I read two or three a week, which I borrow from our lovely on line library system, I don’t mark them all down in Goodreads, unless it is one of my favourite authors – speaking of which I need Elizabeth George to write another adult book, or I will simply read the ones she wrote for a younger audience.  No one says I can’t right?

I do not actually have anything specific planned for tomorrow.  I am hoping to enjoy a morning coffee in the sunshine, outside, listen to the birds and the wind in the trees.  My little guy-Doug the Pug – will play with his rock, and my partner Chris – will be training some newbies at his gun club.  That should do, don’t you think??  How will your Saturday start?