Monday Jan 25th

Today is Peanut’s second birthday!  Pets, either dogs or cats really do help make our lives feel a little brighter. Well, maybe a lot brighter.  I know how much joy Peanut adds to Chris’ and my day.  She is a big part of our family.  The companionship, love, laughter, snuggling is so good for us. No wonder they suggest a pet for those who are depressed or suffer from PTSD.



Still learning how to use WordPress, my phone, Adobe, and my laptop.  I think I need a manual or 10.  Maybe when I retire at 70 or so, I can go back to school. (smiling)

Since it was not too cold, I took my iPhone on a walk with Peanut.  Peanut was tethered to me at my waist, so I had both hands free for picture taking and overall balance while walking.  Worked great until a loud car came by that she wanted to chase while I wanted to take a picture.  Focus!

MS and weather extremes do not do well together.  Actually, I don’t think weather extremes do well for anyone.  Last week was a little more challenging, perhaps it is the El- Nino affect influencing our weather system and adding more extreme ranges to the barometric pressure.  I did not have a head migraine, but I think rather a body migraine, if that makes sense. I love the whiteness of the snow as it hangs on the trees, it is so peaceful and quiet.  If I won the lottery I think I would go to Arizona for a good chunk of the winter though.  Somewhere dry and sunny and warm.

MS and depression: I have had depression for a long time.  I have always thought I think of my life as a glass half full, rather than half empty and a good sense of humour.  MS diagnosis was in January of 2011.  Lately though my sense of happiness has been….flat lined a bit and I knew something was going on, but sometimes it is the people around you who also notice and speak up.  I went to the doc and am going to try a different anti-depressant.  I will continue to do all the other important stuff that one should do, ie exercise, fresh air, eat well, blog, play with the puppy., but sometimes the meds need adjustments.  Going to neurologist this week for my MS checkup, and will see what he has to say.  Definitely need to get out my tips for staying in the moment.  I know it is mid January, need more sunshine, and all that stuff, but in the meantime, cranking up the woodstove for some lovely warmth.

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Middle of January 2016

Hard to believe it is the middle of January already!!  Where did the time go!  It has been a different winter, warmer, less snow, more rain, which made it drearier than normal so far.  Sounds blah right?  I bet you can tell it is Saturday, I was up at 4:00 am, tummy was rumbling away to beat the band.  So, dishes done, wood in, breakfast all by 9 o’clock.  I was ready for a morning nap by 10, so I took my phone, which has the Kobo reading ap on it, and got into a book before drifting off.

I was reading an article by someone – don’t ask me who, but if I think of it, I will let you know, it was on ELLO, about ereading, this individual is a Kindle person, started at the beginning of the switch over, and at this time, while e reading, is also holding fast on to paper books.  I started with a KOBO e reader, where you plugged it into your computer to download the book onto the reader, and can save them on a card as well.  I have purchased over 200 hundred books. I also use my local library’s ebooks, which I can borrow and return for free.  I told myself I was doing it to save the trees, and also I have limited room in the house for books.  Wherever would I put two hundred books????  The thing that bothers me, is I have purchased them, but I can’t share them.  That part doesn’t seem fair?  I could donate them to my library?  I have the KOBO ap on my phone and my computer and my tablet, I think you are allowed 3 devices.  I could share them with my sister and brother? They are both retired and use paper books as well as e books.  Sometimes, especially if it is a favourite author, and there is a new book, I think about getting it from the library as I still remember the feeling of cracking open the book, reading the first page and loving the story.  You don’t get that with an ereader, now we can share where we are in the book on Facebook, post instant reviews and all that which is cool, pros and cons to both I guess, options right?  Have a great day, let’s see if I can add a picture of my daughter’s puppy to be…Hudson 


January 2016


I am  so amazed another year is starting!!!  It is a winter wonderland outside, Chris is working the snowblower, Peanut is sleeping beside me, and I am trying to get my body moving, moving moving!!

Chris and I spent a lovely New Years weekend with friends in Beamsville.  We had not connected over the year with either couple that often, but in the way of old friends, the connection is always there.

So, goals for 2016?  Continue to live each day, one at a time, with a positive attitude.  Be  physically active, eat right, sleep lots ( never a problem for me) exercise my brain, be involved in my community and stay connected.