Spring time Miata

Saturday, was such a lovely day, that my sweetie took me out for a spin in my Miata.  Now it has been some time since I drove a standard, so I need some refresher lessons (these may carry on indefinately ) – Chris drove down the Highway to Cooper’s Fall’s Road, then up in to town – the long way lol.  I did drive home – the beginning of said lessons.  Fortunately, Chris is beyond patient.  I do have complete faith in his ability to get me to use the stick again – it is such a little stick.  I do play Luminosity, but my strengths are problem solving and flexibility.  Not speed and co-ordination. (Smile).  After two days of sunshine today Sunday, was rainy.  Totally fine – we went for a drive in the truck to the other side of Peterborough.  5 hours round trip. First we went South to Beaverton, then East…then North….so coming back we came across the 507 and the 503.  Lovely two lane roads with some nice curves that I look forward to doing in the summer with the top down in the Miata.  Kawartha Lakes, Minden, Haliburton, Muskoka, saw them all!

Miata MX5
Almost ready for spring!!

Doug Relaxing on Easter Sunday

I am a bit challenged this morning-but I think I figured it out lol. If I posted twice is because I have my contacts on using my Blackberry WordPress App-but he’s so cute right? He just loves to snuggle.

Doug the Pug Sitting in my Arms
Doug releaxing, can you feel how relaxed he is?


Dog in Arms
and more relaxed


Pug relaxation techniques
How to relax Pug Style – too cute right?


Doug the Pug
He moved, can you tell?


Pug words of wisdom
Can you hear me? Really???


Good Friday and blessed sunshine!!!!

Such a treat!!  If I can figure out how I wil attach a photo of today’s melting snow level.  I must say I am feeling so much better-was it the short round of steriods? Or just the exaserbation winding down?  Whatever it is, I am grateful.  So my darling daughter not coming home for Easter.  I should grow up right??  Well I don’t want to grow up.  Babbling.    I do notice this week my words are a little slurry, I need to slow down when I am talking, see if that helps-of course I have to remember to do this when I am talking and not just now-when I am writing about it.  I have been reading about the new oral treatment for MS which is not actually a new drug-but a reconfigured one- I don’t know-even though copaxone is daily injection, the side affects are so minor, that I don’t know if I want to switch.  My neuro has ordered another MRI so we will see what tht tells us first.


OMG!! Had a back massage tonight. Truly – we need to include this as part of our regular health regimen. Just like going to the dentist – except this feels good as well as being good for you. When I think of the money that we spend on vitamins, healthy food – a good massage is right up there on my health maintenance plan. Of course there is the time out factor as well, the soothing music, warm touch, not sexual, I heard that (laughing out loud). I went to the visitation and funeral service for my brother-in-law -who passed at the early age of 61. Another reason for a massage – so healing – I must try and remember to get my sister-in-law a gift certificate for one. She is definitely due for some pampering. Now the massage therapist I saw was a registered one. I asked her afterwards which parts of her hands she used, just to get an idea. Although I do have a bit of atrophy in my right leg, I am still pretty strong overall, so is good to have an equally strong massage. I am starting to ramble. Do it. Get one – you will feel so much better!!


My brother in law passed away two days ago.  He was 61.  He had a nastey cancer that he fought with every ounce he had.  He was succesful in beating the odds and living life every day for an amazing number of years.   My late husband-his brother also did the same. Amazing-of course i know my DH had more that he wanted to do,  I have have no doubt that when he is reborn, in whatever form he chooses to take he will take up living just so all over again.  I believe my brother in law will do the same.  Their bodies ran out of juice-cant really blame it on one thing or another.  I have two wonderful children who are very busy figuring out their own lives-and their two cousins are doing the same,   All that part is fine.  My sister in law has the tougher go.  How do you keep going when. The life partner dissappears?  It is never, ever the same.  Luckily I found a fellow that I love dearly-but I seriously feel guilty-that I am a little broken-still me-but not.  So my dearest wish for my sister in law is firstly peace.  She is blessed with a lovely family of brothers and sisters, as well as two daughters and grandbabies-so that role is there for her to enjoy to the fullest.  Grief is such a monster-it pops out at you and seeks control.  It takes time and training to learn how to train it.  Probably why there are so many books devoted to it,  One day at a time.  Enjoy every day.  Live every day with all you have.

Exploring mindfullness

On the advice of a lady I see who has been a real influence on helping me get back on track I bought a couple of books on mindfullness. Reading it, and I will probably need to re read numerous times, I think it will be very beneficial to daily quality of lfe and overall way of living. It certainly won’t hurt – of course, it hasnt stopped me from thinking before I speak yet – or how to slap my own hand if I do lol. I went to my gp on Friday, as I thought my flare was more like a relapse, and symptoms got worse – ie: felt like I was drunk, but I wasnt. Speach a bit wonky, felt like I was drifting off the planet, nerve pain in both arms, which I havent experienced before. Nerve pain waking me up on a nightly basis. She has given me a round of steriods – orally-havent done that before, but I think they are helping. Havent had time to explore accupuntuce yet. My late husbands brother not well and that became a priority. Cancer is such a nastey disease. My heart goes out to his family. My sweetie is coming to pick me up in my Miata-it may be cold out there, but that is okay!! The thought of the ride, is making me smile!!!


Well, MS is being a bioch, seriously, is it possible to do a body exchange for a few days? You know, like taking your clothes to the dry cleaners? Except I want the tingles washed out, the nerve pain washed out, and um, maybe an extra rinse for a shiny new me??? No?  okay. well, next I am going to try acupuncture.  I do have faith that this flare will end, just not sure when.  New on the shopping list – Evening primrose oil and more epsom salts.

Had an awesome visit with brother in law yesterday – he is having a different kind of flare  with his cancer.  I am inspired by his attitude!!