Can’t blame everything on MS

Toward the end of January, or maybe beginning of February, I think I started a mild flare, ie: fatigue, right side felt weaker, bit of brain fog, and flu like -muscles ache, tingly arms, the hot wire down my arm, muscle spasms in face, you know. Not all the time, but just enough to know they were there. Continued to go to gym, even for 20 minutes walking, but really? Felt like I was pushing. So then, finally, I thought, time to go for a massage. Luckily, I have coverage through work, and OMG, what a difference lol. So, seriously, maybe the shovelling, carrying wood etc., mighta made a few extra twinges??? Am I 20?? Not. lol. So, on my to do list. Stay positive, keep moving, and get some alternative therapy!!! Next = maybe accupunture? supposed to be good for pain – like the migraines??


Winter Carnival vs not getting out of bed

You might wonder what that has do with books,  Not getting aout of bed generally means reading.  Since it is pay week, and books are what I spend money on instead of cigarettes or booze i was going to buy a book -except I can”t decide. 

Then Chris tickled my toes and up I got.  You know how you know when you have MS? When ypu write toys instead of toes and you read it twice before you catch it.  We had a breakfast to go too,  then a helicopter ride. Uhuh, me in a helicopter!! Weeeeeee!  Was aweome part of the Winter Carnival this weekend.