I recently took a 12 week Mindfulness course, with Dr. W.R. Knight, M.D.  Specifically, it was the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program.  I want to continue to benefit from living mindfully, and I know that in order for this to happen, I have to continue to practise the meditation, yoga, and the breathing space, to name a few every single day.

So, I thought I would add a page to my blog to help me out with this.  A calendar component to keep me on track.   Perhaps, a South Muskoka Mindfulness group made up of graduates from the course I took, and some of his other graduates.  Part of living mindfully is being part of a community of others, who follow the same philosophies, not a religion, just a kinder, gentler, more real way of living in each moment.


  1. Wow a 12 week course? That sounds so interesting. Do you think it helped you? Between working and my 6 year old son, my days and nights are busy, so I’ve been trying to learn about mindfullness on my own. Wondering what you thought of the class. Was it an online course? Or did you attend in person?


    • It was a class I attended in person. The actual class was one night for 3 hours, the balance is an hour a day of practice and homework. The class was directed to Stress Reduction and Depression. There are a few workbooks out there that are good, but going once a week for the group class/therapy interaction is what makes it all work.


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