I always try and find a picture to post

I see there are new courses out there for those who like to write reports with as many paragraphs, four syllable words as possible. To teach them how to write uncomplicated sentences that everyone can understand or interpret. In this world of international sharing of articles, posts, instructions that are translated using IE, articles should be informative, accurate, understandable….hmmm or facts, real, and make sense …it isn’t a question of intelligence, but rather time. 2.5 seconds….it grabs you and tells you what you need to know.

7 month old boy being kissed by his dog who is a brown labradoodle
My grandson with his best fur brother

With MS, fatigue means if we need to read something, it better not take long. If it’s funny it better make me laugh. Colour and font are important – even in advertising – do you want me to notice the picture? Or figure out the ad lol. I love to read mysteries. I love a good mystery writer, of which I am currently reading a Vancouver author ..Full Disclosure…by Beverley McLaughlin…I am hooked….but I also have 4 other books on the go which take various levels of concentration. I suppose I should try comics?