Winter Jan 23 2021

A great day! Woke up early – for a Saturday, ground some fresh beans, dark roast, into the percolator, paired with chocolate oat milk, hazelnut creamer, maple syrup, Baileys, and Kahlua – so good! So I had another. Bit of bird watching – a new thing – watch the video, it is cool – waited til 1:30 pm to go for a walk – it was up to -13 C by then I think? Wind calm, sun so bright, air so clear! You have to love winter to stay in Muskoka – and I have been here since 1982 ish?

There is no better feeling than after a walk outside in the sunshine – then add hot chocolate!

No matter what you do, you have to step away, relax and breathe. Repeat. Smile at yourself in the mirror, it is great exercise.

Oh yeah! The guy on the roof ? Not Bernie….:)