Vacation Mode

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Open the dam!
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Doug found his rock

Spring vacation was a lttle different. One day was sunny – then rain – then sun -then rain – then sun – I think you get the idea!! Monday was follow up MRI – will be interesting to see what the results are. Tuesday – fabulous breaky with my sweetie in the sunshine -awesome start to the day – took the Miata for a spin up the backroad to Bracebridge – went to resting site of my late husband -10 years- hit me way harder than I thought it would – Wednesday-ride around Lake Muskoka following the Frank Miller scenic route – the waters had receded somewhat at the north end of the lake – but Bracebridge still high – even today Saturday as I write this – same for Gravenhurst end of the Lake where the Segwun and Wenonah II are docked. Of course today it is raining -again – but not too hard, so hopefully it won’t have too much of an impact.
I am amazed this week how much energy I have!! I have been up every morning at 6 am – much to my partner’s dismay lol. I am trying to eat more gluten free food – and organic, non GMO at the same time. I also found an amazing smoothie – green’s plus – you can get it at your grocery store- it is made with whey – so still good – and of course other wonderful ingredients -all natural of course!! It does make me wonder though, that I have so much energy when not working -so can do stuff around the house that I would ordinarily be to tuckered out for. Balance is the key I know.


A reminder about mindfullness

I had a incident today that I was able to to overcome with the lessons I have learned so far, from reading a book on mindfullness. Of course, I had an immediate reaction to the incident – ie: tears, then I phoned a friend lol.  The mindfullness came into play when I- A) – focused on breathing, and- B) tried to think of the big picture. Trying to keep my perspective of the whole situation and not lot my emotions rule my reaction.

Kinda like a bee sting – you can’t control where the bee is, you can’t control the direction it flies in, and if you happen to be in it’s path and get stung -don’t take it personally.
My MS has been a bit of a nuisance lately, and yesterday was a particularly rough day, you know -when you wake up more tired than when you went to bed, your body feels like a tub of wet cement and your vision is blurry but your glasses are clean :). Other random symptoms, but depression was the biggy.

Today – was much improved, which i probably why “the bee sting” was extra annoying. We all know that when we are feeling good, nothing seems to stop our flow of good energy -but when we are feeling depressed and down and basically out to lunch -the little things bug the bejuses out of us. Now I tried my mindfullness training yesterday- I need more training – but I knew that the best thing to do was minimalize the day. Worked pretty good.  I also have awesome support from my sweetie whom I love very much and try to do the best I can, cause he deserves it.  Focus on the positive.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Live life one day at a time and live every minute.   Find your smile, fake it til you make it, Yeah I know this to be true.  and then the sun comes out!!!  OMG, what a difference that makes!!


Sunshine in Muskoka!! and ….it is gone…

Okay, it’s Saturday – my sweetie is working, so I have stuff I gotta do.  Vacuum, and taxes, those are my goals.  Took some meds to see if I can shake my headache of now day 3.  Almost finished my first bottle of water – sadly one of the lovely gifts of MS is the distance between the brain and the bowels and the not getting the message there that it is time to go, or the muscles don’t want to work.  What ever.  I am not eating any more solid foods until a significant event occurs.  Maybe the vacuuming will help.  That’s all I got.  Brain is kinda numb.  Later.

Later – 3 bottles of water, vacuuming done, took the carpet out….moved pictures…and done.

Sunday – sun gone, urggh.  Did my taxes, not going there either.  Seriously, you have to be rich in order to live at all.  Think I will munch and read a new mystery, loved reading Brian Freeman, but no more books available at the library so trying Kennett – little different, The Burning Rose – a different writing style than I am used to.  Not a bad thing…just different.  Havent found a yoga class yet.  Maybe will look for a dvd can do at home??

Have an awesome day!


Memories – Fun -Imagination

I was reading another blog yesterday – I will get the proper address to give it due respect, but it the meantime I wanted to share the lovely memories it brought forward.  I am the youngest of 5 children -there is 8 years difference between me and my next sibling.  Not unusual.  My parents were born in 1919 and 1920.  But the cool part? My brother worked at a hardware store.  What did he bring home? – or I credit it to him – I was 4 or 6 – he brought home freezer boxes, fridge boxes, stove boxes -and he or my dad set them up in our basement and made houses out of them for me and my friends to play in. How awesome is that?  I was fortunate to have a basement to play in – I know this.  We cut windows – (or maybe my dad did) and doors, and used crayons to decorate.  I also had some dolls.  I remember this time in my life with great joy. Spring, summer, winter, fall.  There were no worries.  Just enjoying life in the moment.  So, naturally, I am thinking, okay, within the boundaries of adult life this is still possible right? Live life in the moment.  Play is so important, even as adults I think.  Balance. We do it so naturally when we are kids.  Somewhere along the line I lost it.  So, as part of this mature woman over 50 I am re-evaluating and re grounding myself, so why not start off with the wonderful memories of when I was a child?  Our basement was my play world.  I had old school desks down there as well.  Not sure where they came from.  As an adult, I did home day care when my two children were little.  Where did I set it up? Right – in our basement.  and what did I have down there?  Well, in today’s world you can’t just go get a freezer box – but Sears sold a cardboard playhouse complete with windows and doors.  Yep, I bought it, and the kids had a blast.  An indoor tree house in the winter.  For those days when it is too cold to go outside and play. The blog I read that inspired my thought for the day: