Saturday in Gravenhurst

I had originally wanted to go Grimsby to see my daughter, however a) I didn’t get up until 930 and b) my legs said we need to walk, not spend hours sitting and driving, so after enough coffee and sending Chris off on a ride, Peanut and I went to town to walk.  Too many mosquitoes to walk in the country.   Hit the dog park first- where it poured rain-and after the rain stopped to the Wharf to hike the trail…Peanut and I had the whole point to ourselves so I let her go leash free- and she was a good girl – returning when I whistled.  We visited the Children’s Memorial Gazebo, truly a special place where beloved children who have died too young can be remembered by placing a plaque on the roof of the gazebo, it is hard to express the feeling of being in such a natural environment where these kids spent their childhood time and remembering them.

The sun came out along with the heat so Peanut and I continued our hike along the boardwalk, a little easier and cooler.  Happy times!

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Everyday Living with MS

My Fitbit alarm vibrates on my arm at 630 am.  This works way better than Chris tugging on my toes or Peanut giving me a nudge with her wet nose.  My Fitbit tells me I get an average of 5 hours solid sleep.  I don’t pay attention to tingles in my feet, or minor muscle spasms that come and go anymore- not going to lose anymore sleep than I have to.  I can hit the shower and be at work in half an hour – as long as my keys are where they are supposed to be and I can find my phone – otherwise…..

I never know whether or not I will have a headache-either migraine, eye pain nerve pain on one side of my face , twitches or nothing.  Really you can pick a symptom -fatigue, blurry vision, difficulty getting the right words from my brain to my mouth, balance, it is a crap shoot – the trick is not to get hung up on it – excessive emotional reactions, either really happy or balling my eyes out – the list goes on, but as long as I don’t get stuck , I can be a cheerful person , enjoy going to work, gym, reading, motorcycle rides and boating.

Now this spring we have had a serious lack of sunshine, and a surplus of rain.  Urg – thankfully I love to read and have Peanut and Chris to snuggle with.

So living with a chronic illness is doable-focus on the living part and finding what interest gets you going and go!

Now if it’s the weekend – that’s a different story altogether!