Four Wheels or Two?

So, I sold my motorcycle. My reality is that as much as I love to ride, there are too many days, when it is too hot, I don’t have the steam for putting on all the leather, and then, balancing my bike. Don’t get me wrong. I love to ride. You can say that I am not a true motorcycle rider, say what you like. I want to be a smart rider, and that includes not pushing myself to ride, if I don’t feel safe. Three wheels, I know are an option. But I dont want to go there yet. I would rather spend pennies that I get for my bike, on a two up bike, for Chris and I.
In the meantime, my jeep went bye bye, and I replaced it, with a 1999 Mazda Miata. Joined the Miatas of Muskoka, and have been busy getting a few new items, to freshen up my Miata and make it feel special.

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