After a busy week, Saturday was quiet.

small bonfire
backyard bonfire
Doug wasn’t sure about a bonfire

Yep, sometimes we need to slow down and smell the sunshine.  My body told me so.  I had a moderate refreshment at dinner last night, of course, a beautiful bonfire in the back yard, and then, after some organic chocolate everything started to hurt.  Who was I kidding??  A quiet morning, with the essential tasks of dishes, and tidying, and then, since driving anywhere was not an option – I was forced to spend the afternoon in the back yard in the hammock.  I know, punishment is cruel, especially when the sun is shining, the air is fresh, and a gentle breeze is wafting through the trees, letting the leaves fall ever so gently.  The bonfire from last night had just enough embers to give off a little smoke.  I had my favourite author’s new book – which I just nicely got into, when my eyes would just not stay open….and off for a nap I went.  Tough eh??


Colour it -thunderstorms

It may be boring to talk about the weather, but we live in Canada and it is what we do. September and October are spectacular months for totally awesome weather. The colours are so vibrant on the trees, and the weather is so clear and dry…. Just not today. 27 C with the humidity and the thunderstorms  started tonight.  I think my eyes hurt.

Did go out for a lovely meal at Dock of the Bay, to celebrate a birthday, fish and chips please and thank you, with a lovely glass of white wine.

Tomorrow, wood for the winter…..if it isn’t raining!!  Have a good one!

Wednesday September 18th 2013

Muskoka river with fall colours
A favourite place on the Muskoka River

Well, I managed to do it again, lost a post. The picture is in my media library now, but I lost the post,saved it as a draft….but to where??? I do know what I did, I was reading a blog, and then started a post, which I thought I saved. So, now I know I can’t do that anymore. Maybe one day I will know the answer. Makes me wonder if I posted to the other blog??? A mystery. It wasn’t the most exciting post any way. Only about managing to stay awake until 7:30 pm, which is what I made it to last night. Which I have, since I had to re do this post. Think I mentioned how my MS symtoms are being pretty good right now, other than not being able to stay awake for more than 10 hours. I am wide awake…up til 7. Then the sun goes down, and my eye lids with it.
The picture I posted is one of my favourite places, and of course, the fall colours in it are beautiful.

A beautiful fall day

Picture of Pug on the fire pit - with no fire
Doug wants a bonfire!!

Such a beautiful day!! Just a little more coffee and time to get off my butt. I posted on Facebook about it being my late husband’s 60th birthday today, and how he loved the fall weather, so it is time to get out and enjoy it!! He was such a part of the community though, he started working for the Gravenhurst News in 1977. I don’t think he would recognize the paper now. Social media and the internet should be a way to make the community communicate better, and yet, we live in a rural area, and we still have local area newsletters, in Ryde, in Washago, I think we need free links to those newsletters from our newspaper. I dunno. Gord also worked for Muskoka Tourism, I think the favourite memory was the percentage change of the leaf colours, people would call and want to know?
Don’t worry, Doug will be properly supervised when the bonfire is lit. Have a good one.

Transition into Fall

When you feel like you have been run over by a Mac Truck – oops? That didn’t happen??  Maybe it was just something I ate.  Not likely, but we will give it a whirl.  I had my doubts when I got up this morning, got dressed for work, called in, said I might be a little late, finally did go in on the advice of my partner’s daughter, stuck it out for a few hours, got some stuff done, but the body and brain really, were left at home, or just were not in attendance at all.  Now, this probably won’t make a lot of sense to you.  Which is fine.  If it does make sense, that is okay too.  My MS has been pretty nice for a bit, so it is possible that it is having a hiccup.  Stress will do it, or instead of trying to fight the flu or whatever, it decides to go at my neuro pathways.

So, plan to look out the back at the sky and the trees, and probably have a nap.  Have a good one. Wenonah II and Segwun

Saturday when the hubby is working

I can easily confess to my to do list today…. oh dear, it must have self erased before you could see it!!!  Don’t worry, it is a special ap that I designed specifically for this blog only to be used on “hubby is working day”.   No point in asking me for it, it only works within specific parameters that are known to me, and unfortunately, I do not have the IT wherewithal to teach you.

Do you play Luminosity?  I started playing it, and paying the wee annual fee, because if it will help keep my neuro pathways open and circuits re routing as required, I am all for it.   Of course I need to do the same with my physical body, if you don’t use it , you lose it, even to do little exercises  do so much to help keep my strength up.

I can’t believe I knew so little about this disease, before I was dxed.  Maybe because I am deaf – dealt with cancer, (not mine) and other random diseases, I just didn’t go looking for another one, but still, such ignorance.  I have been doing alot of reading, but all it seem to tell me, is that it affects everyone differently, and has no real targetable pathway in any two individuals.  All the basics seem to apply, eat right, sleep, get exercise, sex, water, water, water, think positive thoughts, and do the best you can each day, one day at a time.  Otherwise, you are beating your head against the wall.  The phrase of I have MS, MS does not have me, is becoming more real.  Doing my daily injection is more like brushing my teeth every day.  I feel more positive.

I can do this with the support of said hubby, or partner, but I like the word hubby, so going to use it.  He has been truly awesome, every day, even when I have no patience left for this world, somehow how his own patience enables me to get my s h i t , together.

Stem cell therapy is coming along in investigation.  If they had it in Canada, and it was covered I would give it a whirl.  If it slows progression, decreases symptoms, without side affects, has to be better than a daily injection??  Although I do think attitude has a lot to do with any therapy, chemical or natural.

Back to reading!! and nap time!!Image