Humour button? I know where mine is, where is yours??

Do you ever get the feeling, that you want to be silly, but you know you should probably be alone when you do it??  I think it comes from being in a tired happy place.  Now yesterday, my happy button got pushed when we were out snow shoeing, the sun was shining, I was with people I love,  (it was an event with my co workers) out in the forest, putting one foot in front of the other and just loving it so much it made me laugh with joy.  I was not worried about getting to the end of the trail, or the look out, just enjoying the moment.  Breathing ( I still could), lifting my left leg, uhuh, then my right leg, yep, and the polls and my arms, uhuh, still working….and the joy of knowing,….I was not going any further, and that was okay too.  We were at Arrowhead Provincial Park on Family Day Long Weekend (Family Day is the 17th of February), and lots of other families were out taking advantage of the mild- -8C weather, and the sunshine -where you can feel the heat.  Another cool thing they have is ice skating on a river -lit up at night with braziers -next year for sure – but I can imagine what it will be like, especially with the full moon and stars out!!!

Today, is a different day, muscles are happily tired, and body is saying to take it easy and stretch out those muscles that you used walking up the tubing hill -no tow rope, just sheer tenacity to get up the hill. Especially since no one else is going to do it! 🙂


A gentle Saturday -and more wintery bird watching

Today, was a lovely day, bit of this bit of that.  Used the hand operated meat grinder that my mom gave me, think it may have been her own mom’s, to grind up left over roast beef and make a sheppards pie with -potato puffs on top -little different, but my man is not fond of mashed potatoes, so we tried an alternate.

It got all the way up to 0 C today, still got some snow, had to shovel the deck a couple of times, but it only took a couple of logs to keep the house nice and toasty.

The migraine, nerve pain, headache, eye ache thing that has been plaguing me for a week, was tolerable today, I read that a side affect of copaxone can be eye issues, but the weather pressure had been up and down, colds coming and going, so I don’t want to blame it on MS, but I know I have had this before, and it will go away, hopefully sooner rather than later.

I could have gone to the gym, but it is nice to be at home, putter about, doing this and that, being cozy, keeping the fire going, making chocolate chewies for dessert, trying to take pictures of the birds at the feeder.  Our friends the woodpeckers were also about, and the BlueJays abound, 6 or so, mostly at the feeder at the front of the house with the big seeds.  Apparently they like peanuts as well.  I like the little chickadees and nut hatchers I think they are called.

Also spent a bit of time reading, Lars Kepler -The Fire Witness – done with their usual attention to detail, a very enjoyable read, kept me on my toes, and the ending was not anything I expected at all.  Like Eilzabeth George, they spend some time building the story at the beginning, and weaving a lovely tale that keeps you thinking and waiting for the next page.

I also started The Mindfulness Solution -Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems – to supplement my reading -there are also some guided meditations to download – I got the ebook.  It has been around for a few years, but Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD ‘s books were suggested in my course, and my curiosity is still fresh and it is making sense when I read it.  Keep trying!!

OOh, popcorn time!!!!  Have a good one.

little bird at feeder
Not sure what kind of bird?