Saturday Night with the Instant Pot

I bought a lovely pork tenderloin on sale with the idea that I would look up a recipe to do it in the Instant Pot!

After a short search on the Internet found “The Best Damn Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin” – I took a picture of the site because I find it so easy to forget links etc but it is found here if you want to look.

Added some canned peas – I know, nobody does that anymore, along with some Seeds of Change Indian pilau

Too good!

Then I got a couple of apples and used my handy dandy food processor to make some apple sauce – 2 minutes in the microwave and add a little cinnamon on the top and did I mention I made gravy?

Pretty yummy eh? So I have enough for 4 people I think or lunches next week and some for the freezer. Thanks to my friend Louise for pushing me to get this cooked lol otherwise I was probably going to make popcorn….

By Sarah Lomas

I have my eyes wide open to catch all my dreams. MSWarrior! Widowed and then some, proud mom of two fantastic kids. Wear two hearing aids and primarily lip read. Always looking for new things to to try.