Love waking up with a headache

I need to research this headache thing. Migraine? Cluster headache? Trigeminal Neuralgia? I do seem to be sensitive to weather pressure, I also was thinking that my headaches are worse at this time of year. So, allergy trigger?? I can do just about anything with most types of pain, but a headache will stop me cold. I don’t want to be stoned by medication, and I have one for migraines that works beautifully, but can only take it 3 times in one week. Most of the time, that is more than sufficient. But not right now. Hence I was up at 4:00 am with an ice pack – which did help some. If I didn’t have to go to work, I would probably just suck it up. So, I took something for the pain, coffee, my anti-depressant and my anti fatigue medication. OMG, am I a druggy???  I am trying to eat more organically and more naturally which has resulted in less stomach upsets.  Still need more vegetables, water and exercise.  UHUH, One step at a time.  If anyone would like to remove my right eyeball for a while, that will be fine with me.



The Beavers of Kahshe Lake

We went for a jaunt over to the cottage today.  Had a couple of items to take over, and we wanted to check a couple of things.  At this time of year, it is difficult to know whether it will be the last weekend or not.  The weather was fresh-but not raining, so I put on my favourite jacket and boots and after my partner had the truck and boat successfully loaded, off we went.  The fresh air was awesome, and I was glad to get out on the water.

I had heard stories of beaver visitations this summer, but today, we saw direct evidence of their presence by way of a tree at the shoreline that had been perfectly felled by an unknown quantity probably just one – beaver.  It was an oak tree.  Apparently they don’t like pine trees, go figure.

So my partner very gently removed the bird house that had been hanging on the tree for about 3 years, and hung it on another tree.  Not that any birds had used it, but you never know.  We may get back over to pull the tree onto the shoreline, chop it up for firewood, but that will be a task for another day, we only had so much sunshine left.

I was truly amazed.  In awe of the beaver’s handiwork.  So, we went for a trip along the shores, to find the beaver lodge- quite the home.  Do they go south for the winter???  Now beavers are a very important part in our eco-system.  They get a bad rap for the dams they create, especially when it affects a person’s property, road, or tree coverage.  Our favourite Canadian eco guy, David Suzuki recently did a special on the importance of the beaver.

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So Proud of my little girl!!

My little girl got the job she applied for.  So pleased for her, and I hope it turns out to be everything she dreamed….We hope the best for our children, and hope that life won’t be too tough on them.  The reality is, we can really hope we have given them the tools to challenge all life has to offer, every single day.  Then let go, and be there to listen to their journey.  Easier said than done.

On another note, if my eye does not stop twitching soon, I am going to tape it shut.  It is becoming worse than a toothache.  I have an appointment with optomotrist next week, it will probably be gone by then, but if it isn’t.  Taping it shut for sure!!!

I gotta say too, that the more I blog, the more I love reading other blogger’s posts.  Not only about MS, but just about any topic.  With the WordPress Reader, it is like having a newspaper, and at any given moment I can read about pretty near any topic that suits my fancy.  Maybe it is the personal nature of a blog, or the dedication that goes into blogging on a regular basis, I am not sure, but I certainly have gained a lot of respect for blogging in general, and opened my mind to different points of view and different topics of interest.

So what is up for the weekend???   One of my favourite authors – Elizabeth George – has a new novel out.  I am trying very hard to read it slowly, and mindfully – I love her use of language, and I love the flow of her stories.  Over time, I have come to know her characters and the mix of personalities is both entertaining and thought provoking.  It kinda cool too, that even though I don’t see my sister, or my two brothers that often, I  find out that they read the same type of mysteries pretty much as I do, even though they are of a more advanced age.  (giggle)

I am still feeling the loss of my pug – Sir Douglas Winston – usually at certain times of day – and yes, we used to dress him up for Halloween – he was very patient and understanding with us and was the cutest pug ever!!! In the evenings he would snuggle up beside me on the couch, so warm and toasty, and soft….thanks Douggy, even the memory makes me warmer.  Sir Douglas WinstonDoug in the winter2007Doug and Buddy

Where did I put my sense of humour??

Dog on skateboard You know the feeling, someone looks at you, they said something funny, and your funny haha muscle is flatlined. You know it is funny, but the giggle or laugh just ain’t happening.

Now I know this challenge is more prominent in November, so it is important for those with a flattening haha to make sure we get lots of indoor light. Step 1 -when you get up in the morning stand under a 100 watt bulb for 20 minutes if you can, and focus on happy thoughts. Read the comics, pet the dog or cat, and if 20 minutes isn’t long enough, go longer. Your desire to laugh and be cheerful is more important than 10 cents worth of electricity.
Smile at yourself in the mirror. I KNOW! YOU ARE SO GOOD LOOKING!! Seriously, how could you forget that???  Read humorous blogs – there are so many out there!!  You will be amazed at what you can start laughing at if you try.  Being cheerful and of good cheer takes discipline and focus.

Exercise is also important – if like me, going out in the evening is not really going to happen, then grab some weights or cans of soup and start pumping while watching TV.  So, by writing this down, maybe I will remember to do these things myself!!  I am sorry, I don’t know where the picture came from, it looked cute, and I appreciate whomever shared it.


Oct 19th, 2013 – Reflections of Fall

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Hard to believe another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Sitting here on the couch, with the woodstove on low I am trying to catch up on my blogging.  It is a rainy day, got my chores done, my sweetie got a good start on the wood splitting and stacking.  Time for popcorn and relaxing.

My partner’s daughters came up to the cottage to see their dad for Thanksgiving – it also happened to be his birthday.  My sister also joined us with her family – yellow lab, chocolate lab, and black lab.  I was sadly missing my pug – Doug – he passed away the Thursday before.

I love turkey, I love the process of creating the stuffing for the bird, cleaning it, and getting it in the oven.  We had a fresh bird, grain fed, from Alberta – I know, it flew a long way to Ontario, but it was the last one in the store, so I was very thankful.  Gravy was awesome, the meal was lovely, and I didn’t have to do dishes!!  I was thankful to have such a lovely setting and to have loved ones to share the time with.  The weather was spectacular on the Saturday, drizzly on the Sunday, and spectacular again on the Monday.  We were able to take some time to go for a boat ride down to one of our favourite spots.  It never fails to amaze me what a colourful part of the world we live in.

I am currently taking a course on reducing stress.  I am learning new ways to embrace life, each and every day, slow down, stop multi tasking, sleep and eat better, exercise, and face my challenges head on.  Basically unlearn all the bad habits formed over time and hopefully learn some new habits that will serve me better.  Well, serve both my and my partner better since we pretty much do everything together lol.  Part of the course is some Yoga – which I am finding very beneficial

This weekend is the annual Cranberry Festival in Bala.  Truly an amazing event.  One of my girl friends purchased a cranberry apple wine.  Sounds yummy!  One of my favourite lunches is ham and brie on a toasted croissant with cranberry jelly – and of course I have a favourite place to have this lunch at the Farmer’s Plate in Gravenhurst – I am sure they make the cranberry jelly right there!