Evening Walk – sun came out !

I recently took a introductory course on how to use my cell phone to take pictures. Jane Huxtable Spencer, who is a photographer in her own right offered each of us the basics of setting up our camera on our cell phone and what the various functions do. Pretty cool. So naturally I had to try out a few things tonight on my walk down around the wharf.

We did get into to editing but hopefully she will run a second course that gets into to editing in more depth.

Two ships docked at Muskoka Wharf
Crouching down for a different view
Stepping off the path
Serious poker run boat
With those engines ….
We love the Segwun and Wenonah II
Reminder we need to cut back some greenery for the sign
Gazebo on the sports field
Beautiful evening !

So I got my 7k in on this walk – didn’t really plan on that!


MS and brain muscle memory

So, I haven’t been out for dinner during the week, since, I don’t know when….A good friend invited me over tonight, so after leaving work I came out of the parking lot and turned right….and I should have gone left…..but that was okay, because if I kept driving straight, I would come to the highway, and be able to go South again, but since I was going Noth, I thought I was going to Bacebridge, so I did…go to Bracebridge, and then came across the bridge and went South…whew….got to the correct road, turned right and went right by her house, because there isn’t any snow on the ground now!   At least that is what I told myself!

I made it, success, a lovely evening, and home I go, except, well, this is really bad….I went back to the office…..:)

April ? Bring ?

It’s always disappointing when there is still snow on the ground on April 1st. Normally I don’t like to travel far when it is a rainy-snowy-who knows what temperature it will be? weekend but I had booked myself to Grimsby to see the family, friends, new pets and cousin so off I went!

It is so sweet to see how Drew and Amanda’s home is coming along and we headed off to the Niagara Home and Garden show with Ellen, Mike, Amy and baby Emma.

Followed by a lovely lunch at Jordon House and a relaxing family evening.

More snow for the drive home – honestly!

Gravenhurst Winter Carnival 2019

Wow! Talk about a perfect winter weekend for outdoor activities! Amanda and Drew were up for a visit so I walked uptown first thing – well almost first thing and picked up some event buttons for them. I watched the bed races on the Main Street then headed home to meet the kids – Polar bear dip at Gull Lake and the Radar races on Muskoka Bay along with lunch at Boston Pizza pretty much filled up our day.

Sunday I caught a ride to the demolition derby at the Severn Bridge fairgrounds-

Tomorrow will be a recovery day I think although there are lots of family activities going on- here are a few pics

Day after Boxing Day

Black dog with white markings standing in snow at Lookout Park
Peanut walking at Lookout Park

Spent time with the Best friends, family and loved ones over Christmas. I am truly Thankful for all the Joy. I also appreciate the efforts of all to make this Christmas a special one.

Back home in Gravenhurst after driving 600 km? It’s nice to put my feet up and watch Coronation Street after taking Peanut for a walk to the park.

Fun Times

I love December. Get the Christmas decorations out. Baking, putting up the tree – even if only 1 foot tall.

So I cleared out the storage unit and brought it to the basement of where I am living now. Naturally I still have purging to do as well as making an “Amanda” box and an “Allan” box.

Fun times!

Also laid eyes on a few more pictures Gord painted – I like this one

Hard to know exactly where in Muskoka it is? Part of his uncle’s property in Purbrooke? Winter though -which can be so beautiful in Muskoka.