Family Pictures Schofield

Being the youngest of a family spread between hither and yonder, the challenge even in todays world is not being able to find pictures! Thankfully the internet came along and pictures can be shared in a heartbeat!

My cousin Russell Schofield, the famous painter who was raised in a sweet little town in called Williamsville NY sent me some of his dad with my mom and their parents, so I have to share!

I have started to do an ancestry search on moms’ side of the family, but starting close to home first with mom and Uncle Jack. They were both born in Hamilton. The Schofield, Hornby clan immigrated in 1912. Well was descendents of Mary Ellen Fielding and Thomas Pilkington. So Dorothy Pilkington married Jack(John) Schofield in 1915 in Wentworth.

Previous to that is Spencer Schofield and Annie Stubbs married in 1872 Bury Lane in Heywood Lanc. England and they had a boatload of kids – Lizzie -1892, William Spencer 1895, Herbert 1896, Nellie 1898, Frank 1901, Harold 1902, Annie 1809 and Edith 1915.

I have a copy of picture from Facebook Page of Decendents of Mary Ellen Fielding and Thomas Pilkington showing the gang building perhaps a church ?

Family pictures
1914- Richard and Isolbella with children Norman, Walter and Nelllie. Building church St. Albans in east Hamilton.