Transition into Fall

When you feel like you have been run over by a Mac Truck – oops? That didn’t happen??  Maybe it was just something I ate.  Not likely, but we will give it a whirl.  I had my doubts when I got up this morning, got dressed for work, called in, said I might be a little late, finally did go in on the advice of my partner’s daughter, stuck it out for a few hours, got some stuff done, but the body and brain really, were left at home, or just were not in attendance at all.  Now, this probably won’t make a lot of sense to you.  Which is fine.  If it does make sense, that is okay too.  My MS has been pretty nice for a bit, so it is possible that it is having a hiccup.  Stress will do it, or instead of trying to fight the flu or whatever, it decides to go at my neuro pathways.

So, plan to look out the back at the sky and the trees, and probably have a nap.  Have a good one. Wenonah II and Segwun