After a busy week, Saturday was quiet.

small bonfire
backyard bonfire
Doug wasn’t sure about a bonfire

Yep, sometimes we need to slow down and smell the sunshine.  My body told me so.  I had a moderate refreshment at dinner last night, of course, a beautiful bonfire in the back yard, and then, after some organic chocolate everything started to hurt.  Who was I kidding??  A quiet morning, with the essential tasks of dishes, and tidying, and then, since driving anywhere was not an option – I was forced to spend the afternoon in the back yard in the hammock.  I know, punishment is cruel, especially when the sun is shining, the air is fresh, and a gentle breeze is wafting through the trees, letting the leaves fall ever so gently.  The bonfire from last night had just enough embers to give off a little smoke.  I had my favourite author’s new book – which I just nicely got into, when my eyes would just not stay open….and off for a nap I went.  Tough eh??