Wednesday September 18th 2013

Muskoka river with fall colours
A favourite place on the Muskoka River

Well, I managed to do it again, lost a post. The picture is in my media library now, but I lost the post,saved it as a draft….but to where??? I do know what I did, I was reading a blog, and then started a post, which I thought I saved. So, now I know I can’t do that anymore. Maybe one day I will know the answer. Makes me wonder if I posted to the other blog??? A mystery. It wasn’t the most exciting post any way. Only about managing to stay awake until 7:30 pm, which is what I made it to last night. Which I have, since I had to re do this post. Think I mentioned how my MS symtoms are being pretty good right now, other than not being able to stay awake for more than 10 hours. I am wide awake…up til 7. Then the sun goes down, and my eye lids with it.
The picture I posted is one of my favourite places, and of course, the fall colours in it are beautiful.