Saturday when the hubby is working

I can easily confess to my to do list today…. oh dear, it must have self erased before you could see it!!!  Don’t worry, it is a special ap that I designed specifically for this blog only to be used on “hubby is working day”.   No point in asking me for it, it only works within specific parameters that are known to me, and unfortunately, I do not have the IT wherewithal to teach you.

Do you play Luminosity?  I started playing it, and paying the wee annual fee, because if it will help keep my neuro pathways open and circuits re routing as required, I am all for it.   Of course I need to do the same with my physical body, if you don’t use it , you lose it, even to do little exercises  do so much to help keep my strength up.

I can’t believe I knew so little about this disease, before I was dxed.  Maybe because I am deaf – dealt with cancer, (not mine) and other random diseases, I just didn’t go looking for another one, but still, such ignorance.  I have been doing alot of reading, but all it seem to tell me, is that it affects everyone differently, and has no real targetable pathway in any two individuals.  All the basics seem to apply, eat right, sleep, get exercise, sex, water, water, water, think positive thoughts, and do the best you can each day, one day at a time.  Otherwise, you are beating your head against the wall.  The phrase of I have MS, MS does not have me, is becoming more real.  Doing my daily injection is more like brushing my teeth every day.  I feel more positive.

I can do this with the support of said hubby, or partner, but I like the word hubby, so going to use it.  He has been truly awesome, every day, even when I have no patience left for this world, somehow how his own patience enables me to get my s h i t , together.

Stem cell therapy is coming along in investigation.  If they had it in Canada, and it was covered I would give it a whirl.  If it slows progression, decreases symptoms, without side affects, has to be better than a daily injection??  Although I do think attitude has a lot to do with any therapy, chemical or natural.

Back to reading!! and nap time!!Image