A beautiful fall day

Picture of Pug on the fire pit - with no fire
Doug wants a bonfire!!

Such a beautiful day!! Just a little more coffee and time to get off my butt. I posted on Facebook about it being my late husband’s 60th birthday today, and how he loved the fall weather, so it is time to get out and enjoy it!! He was such a part of the community though, he started working for the Gravenhurst News in 1977. I don’t think he would recognize the paper now. Social media and the internet should be a way to make the community communicate better, and yet, we live in a rural area, and we still have local area newsletters, in Ryde, in Washago, I think we need free links to those newsletters from our newspaper. I dunno. Gord also worked for Muskoka Tourism, I think the favourite memory was the percentage change of the leaf colours, people would call and want to know?
Don’t worry, Doug will be properly supervised when the bonfire is lit. Have a good one.