Exploring mindfullness

On the advice of a lady I see who has been a real influence on helping me get back on track I bought a couple of books on mindfullness. Reading it, and I will probably need to re read numerous times, I think it will be very beneficial to daily quality of lfe and overall way of living. It certainly won’t hurt – of course, it hasnt stopped me from thinking before I speak yet – or how to slap my own hand if I do lol. I went to my gp on Friday, as I thought my flare was more like a relapse, and symptoms got worse – ie: felt like I was drunk, but I wasnt. Speach a bit wonky, felt like I was drifting off the planet, nerve pain in both arms, which I havent experienced before. Nerve pain waking me up on a nightly basis. She has given me a round of steriods – orally-havent done that before, but I think they are helping. Havent had time to explore accupuntuce yet. My late husbands brother not well and that became a priority. Cancer is such a nastey disease. My heart goes out to his family. My sweetie is coming to pick me up in my Miata-it may be cold out there, but that is okay!! The thought of the ride, is making me smile!!!