OMG!! Had a back massage tonight. Truly – we need to include this as part of our regular health regimen. Just like going to the dentist – except this feels good as well as being good for you. When I think of the money that we spend on vitamins, healthy food – a good massage is right up there on my health maintenance plan. Of course there is the time out factor as well, the soothing music, warm touch, not sexual, I heard that (laughing out loud). I went to the visitation and funeral service for my brother-in-law -who passed at the early age of 61. Another reason for a massage – so healing – I must try and remember to get my sister-in-law a gift certificate for one. She is definitely due for some pampering. Now the massage therapist I saw was a registered one. I asked her afterwards which parts of her hands she used, just to get an idea. Although I do have a bit of atrophy in my right leg, I am still pretty strong overall, so is good to have an equally strong massage. I am starting to ramble. Do it. Get one – you will feel so much better!!