Good Friday and blessed sunshine!!!!

Such a treat!!  If I can figure out how I wil attach a photo of today’s melting snow level.  I must say I am feeling so much better-was it the short round of steriods? Or just the exaserbation winding down?  Whatever it is, I am grateful.  So my darling daughter not coming home for Easter.  I should grow up right??  Well I don’t want to grow up.  Babbling.    I do notice this week my words are a little slurry, I need to slow down when I am talking, see if that helps-of course I have to remember to do this when I am talking and not just now-when I am writing about it.  I have been reading about the new oral treatment for MS which is not actually a new drug-but a reconfigured one- I don’t know-even though copaxone is daily injection, the side affects are so minor, that I don’t know if I want to switch.  My neuro has ordered another MRI so we will see what tht tells us first.

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  1. Sarah, I take the copaxone too and I feel great. I get little weird pains in my ankles and if course fatigue if I do too much but no adverse side effects. How long have you been on it and how are your injection sites.
    The oral med scares me. I’m afraid it will mess my digestive system up some how. Oral steroids make me sick when I’ve had to take them.
    Interested in your experiences. I don’t know anyone personally with ms


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