Spring time Miata

Saturday, was such a lovely day, that my sweetie took me out for a spin in my Miata.  Now it has been some time since I drove a standard, so I need some refresher lessons (these may carry on indefinately ) – Chris drove down the Highway to Cooper’s Fall’s Road, then up in to town – the long way lol.  I did drive home – the beginning of said lessons.  Fortunately, Chris is beyond patient.  I do have complete faith in his ability to get me to use the stick again – it is such a little stick.  I do play Luminosity, but my strengths are problem solving and flexibility.  Not speed and co-ordination. (Smile).  After two days of sunshine today Sunday, was rainy.  Totally fine – we went for a drive in the truck to the other side of Peterborough.  5 hours round trip. First we went South to Beaverton, then East…then North….so coming back we came across the 507 and the 503.  Lovely two lane roads with some nice curves that I look forward to doing in the summer with the top down in the Miata.  Kawartha Lakes, Minden, Haliburton, Muskoka, saw them all!

Miata MX5
Almost ready for spring!!