Watched my first podcast ?

Episode One: The Worst MS Symptom

Is it a podcast or a video cast ? Essentially a mini show, between two people where you watch them talk to each other about a topic you are interested in. Being deaf or HoH I never got into audio books , I couldn’t read their lips lol. If I’d been to watch the person read the book for the audiobook so I could tell what they are saying.. lol

I am 11 years ish into my dx of MS, and one of the peeps I follow is Ardra Shepinetz. Her new postcast – “Tripping on Air” is great and her FB posts get my sense of humour going. She has a true gift of the gab, sweet personality, loves fashion and tells you straight up what is on her mind. In the process raising awareness and gentle , comfortable talking about a shitty disease. (More wine please) 🙂

Her co-host is a human who has partner in a relationship with a human who has MS. He has lovely big brown eyes and a great voice and gives a great perspective of the partner.

Gotta wait for the next episode now, hit the subscribe button on Utube….