August Long Weekend

A wee hiccup with Chris and a maybe gallbladder issue Friday pm- Sat am – sticking close to home Sparrow Lake WI bake sale netted me a strawberry rhubarb pie, pumpkin pie and for Chris some butter tarts – yum!

Sunday was a beautiful day so headed out on Lake Muskoka to beat the heat!

Monday a.m beat the heat motorcycle ride and met new friends – staying on the back roads

Hey when I thought we were done we added one more little ride. Traffic was blocked southbound from town,so we went from town out Doe Lake Rd to Cooper’s Falls Rd down to just north of Washago and came northbound on 11-to home. I was going to wave to the slow cars going southbound but I am too polite ūüėú..Home in the backyard but not lighting a fire.


Bang up in our driveway

So today is day 3 of a headache. Those who get migraines know that it can make your peripheral vision off.

I had an accident in my driveway today.

Chris moved a trailer on the outside of his truck on the left to beside me on the outside or far right.

I remember him doing that Monday night I thought, I stayed home tues and I think I remember him turning my car around so I could drive the car straight out yesterday.

Today I had to back out.

I forgot and did not see the grey trailer on this grey day and my right front bumper hit the side of the trailer with a good wack.

Now you have to remember that I am pretty much deaf.

So I heard a bang but could not figure where it was coming from.

I did apologize profusely, and gave him big hug and say I was sorry again when I got home…..

Then I saw the trailer, I had cracked the grey wheel fender and bent it, the man says he has to check the axle- meanwhile I popped out right front light on the car.

I kinda put the car back together this morning enough to make it to work.

When I said it was “kinda like LEGO” tonight while he was putting it back together in a far more secure way- he said – ” it’s a bit more complicated than LEGO “.

He didn’t really remember that I tend to giggle during times of major drama, heightened emotions – in appropriate response is an MS thing….so when I was telling Amanda what happened I giggled…

So fortunately the sun came out.

How was your day?

Where did the summer go?

Well that was quite a summer!

I am very thankful for the technology that created smart phones otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go back and remember what I did all summer! ¬†I found a few pictures, of course had to relearn how to upload them !


Sometime¬†in April or May I had a mild relapse, honestly sometimes I think I know so little about this disease. ¬† So my GP suggested a work schedule that while still working half time, would allow me rest days and a shorter work day overall. ¬†I think it made a huge difference overall, and I’m starting back to 4 days a week with a break on Wednesdays, and a slightly longer day.

While the summer weather was fantastic for this area, hot and sunny to the point where we had elevated fire bans in August, it was too much for this body. ¬†Thank goodness for air conditioning. ¬†At home, at work, in the car, without it, I doubt I would have functioned as well as I did. ¬†I even went so far as to request a cooling vest prescription and I’m checking out whether or not it is covered.

Some symptoms can be brought on by elevated body temperatures, well any of them really, but the ones that get me are pain behind my eyes, migraines, my right hand doesn’t want to work, and my arm feels like I have a twenty five pound weight attached to it. ¬†Some stuff I don’t really even think about otherwise I wouldn’t get out of bed. ¬†Depression is also part of it, almost like a cycle, I overdo it, get fatigued, eye pain, migraine, sleep for 24 hours, brain fog, and get weepy, and if it’s too hot, the time it takes for me to go downhill shrinks. ¬† I think those who have MS will understand this, or any disease affected by inflammation, or a brain that skewers what it needs to fight.

One of the most enjoyable purchases that Chris made this summer was a lovely boat,  21 feet, big enough to go fast, small enough to take from one lake to another.  Muskoka has lots of lakes.  So this is something we can enjoy for many years!

I haven’t posted for some time, and I really need to get back on the planet and be more regular. ¬†

Middle of January 2016

Hard to believe it is the middle of January already!!  Where did the time go!  It has been a different winter, warmer, less snow, more rain, which made it drearier than normal so far.  Sounds blah right?  I bet you can tell it is Saturday, I was up at 4:00 am, tummy was rumbling away to beat the band.  So, dishes done, wood in, breakfast all by 9 o’clock.  I was ready for a morning nap by 10, so I took my phone, which has the Kobo reading ap on it, and got into a book before drifting off.

I was reading an article by someone – don’t ask me who, but if I think of it, I will let you know, it was on ELLO, about ereading, this individual is a Kindle person, started at the beginning of the switch over, and at this time, while e reading, is also holding fast on to paper books.  I started with a KOBO e reader, where you plugged it into your computer to download the book onto the reader, and can save them on a card as well.  I have purchased over 200 hundred books. I also use my local library’s ebooks, which I can borrow and return for free.  I told myself I was doing it to save the trees, and also I have limited room in the house for books.  Wherever would I put two hundred books????  The thing that bothers me, is I have purchased them, but I can’t share them.  That part doesn’t seem fair?  I could donate them to my library?  I have the KOBO ap on my phone and my computer and my tablet, I think you are allowed 3 devices.  I could share them with my sister and brother? They are both retired and use paper books as well as e books.  Sometimes, especially if it is a favourite author, and there is a new book, I think about getting it from the library as I still remember the feeling of cracking open the book, reading the first page and loving the story.  You don’t get that with an ereader, now we can share where we are in the book on Facebook, post instant reviews and all that which is cool, pros and cons to both I guess, options right?  Have a great day, let’s see if I can add a picture of my daughter’s puppy to be…Hudson 


Blogging 101: Say ‚ÄúHi!‚ÄĚ to the Neighbors

What a great idea!! ¬†Off to the “Reader” I went. ¬†My blog is primarily about my challenges with MS right now. ¬†Even though it has been some years since my diagnosis, every day is a new day. ¬†Reading what others are blogging about within the same subject matter is a wonderful way of reducing the feeling of isolation that I have.

Finding new ways of dealing with a symptom, or improving my overall quality of life by adding or taking away something from my diet is all helpful to feel in control of me.  Being in control helps keep that nasty depression at bay.

I am off work today again, as my leg spasms and and nerve pain seem are heightened to the point of not getting sleep, and not being able to move in the morning. ¬†I need to get back into the doctor as I need to know what to take and how much. ¬†This flare is not considered to be a relapse unless it lasts more than 48 hours. ¬†This is what I don’t understand, and am still trying to figure out.

Looking for blogs about humour or staying positive are also on my radar, after all, a smile is a cure all on it’s own!

Saturday and Raining Sept 13, 2014

Dog watching race
Peanut watching the race at Mossport
Nothing like a rainy, cold, blustery Saturday and sleeping in until 10:30 a.m. Nothing scheduled today, so I am at the computer updating my passwords, updating my blogs and websites and generally just keeping my brain active.
I have signed up for blogging 101 in an effort to keep my creative writing juices flowing and to stay up to date with current practices.

My MS that doesn’t have me, I have it…has been challenging lately. Our puppy Peanut keeps me walking, which is a good thing, and this week I pushed through my fatigue, nerve aches and muscle spasms to keep moving stretching and getting with the program. Gratitude, motivation, feeling the love all help, along with keeping my mindfullness practices going ie: stop thinking to much and focus on what is happening right now! Not over thinking is a big one for me. It keeps my anxiety level down, and my energy level up. Most of the time..