Sunday, January 9? 2022

I need to blog more often, even if just for me. I went back to work at the office last September after my sister started staying with me, internet issues and for my mental health – I don’t think I could work at home again.

Having MS and and lip reading during a pandemic where we need to wear masks is not fun.

This pandemic, it is not fun for anyone at all. I applaud us all every day everywhere for doing their best. The Mindfulness course I took earlier in my MS journey is really helping big time.

I also love to read, watch TV, read Twitter, look at Instagram but watch the news as little as possible, I just can’t do it. I should probably go out for more drives about, but the price of gas is not cheap!

Wooden bird feeder with two blue jays

Birdwatching is almost top of all hobbies people like to do – so I am going to go do some of that

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