Saturdays and lawnmowers

There is something about Saturday afternoons and the sound of a lawnmower that is so soothing. I remember as a kid my dad cutting the grass on a Saturday, making rows of grass cuttings so there were little lane ways back and forth. The smell of fresh cut grass is still intoxicating. Then I sneeze lol. Maybe it is soothing because my childhood was pretty idyllic? Being the youngest of 5 kids in the 60s? Plus I am deaf, and hearing aids back then were a whole different ball game. A lawnmower or it’s vibrations is something I can hear at any time.

I think that is why my late husband and I decided to stay in Gravenhurst to raise our kids with a backyard, sandbox, swings, and all the joys of small town living. He passed away from cancer at 49 and I was 42. Now, having turned 60 this month, I realize what a gift we gave our kids. As adults they are on their own journey. I like to think we gave them a solid foundation, with all the normal trials and tribulations of family life.