Busy Weekend July 28-30th

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Vacations can be busy…and not so busy.  We have a few things on our “Wanna Do” over our holidays List but not in any particular order, or on any particular day.  Getting up each day, checking energy level…then decide.  Monday it rained..book reading…Tuesday was sunny .. Wednesday was a mix and made it to the Farmers Market…had to get my new favourite dip flavours from Muskoka Dips…mix with sour cream and real mayo and voila!  Tuesday I think was the mini Trent West from Washago to the MacDonald cut and Friday we decided kinda last minute to go for a cruise on the Island Queen in Parry Sound to see the 30,0000 islands.  Three lovely hours and a great narration, although I’ve never heard of the Musky described as a fresh water barracuda….

Since we were in Parry Sound we of course went to go see our friends Sherry and Dave Hogg at their cottage-They look so nice and relaxed in their retirement.  Although finishing their cottage, travelling, visiting and then going travelling again I don’t know how they are going to finish their library books in time 😇.

Thursday was a home spa day.  Feet first -oh my lord they are so far away!  Thankfully I did some mindfulness yoga first to slowly loosen everything up.  I used the sink in the bathroom for my foot spa , so there was that contorted thing going on, standing on one leg-I need to invest n a little foot tub.  Of course the Kleenex box to take off the nail polish was behind me and out of reach…Oh Chrissss!

We topped off Thursday with a drive to Newmarket to see the Sinner Saints at the Cachet Bar and Grill where Chris reconnected with his college buddy Gord Paolucci.  Staying in touch via texting and Facebook is not the same as the real thing.  It was great to watch them catch up and meet the family who all come out to support the band in which  Gord’s  brother Mike plays guitar and nephew Micheal plays the drums.  John White plays bass guitar and lead vocals. A beautiful summer evening with great tunes and good people.  I managed to get my dates mixed up-Chris corrected me , Hence my out of order paragraphs but I’m on wine glass number two and I’m not going back.

Today we scouted out other boat launches for our next cruise.  BBQ dinner with steaks from the new Costco in Orillia.  I’m not sure when we went to Costco though, maybe it was Wednesday?