Saturday and Raining Sept 13, 2014

Dog watching race
Peanut watching the race at Mossport
Nothing like a rainy, cold, blustery Saturday and sleeping in until 10:30 a.m. Nothing scheduled today, so I am at the computer updating my passwords, updating my blogs and websites and generally just keeping my brain active.
I have signed up for blogging 101 in an effort to keep my creative writing juices flowing and to stay up to date with current practices.

My MS that doesn’t have me, I have it…has been challenging lately. Our puppy Peanut keeps me walking, which is a good thing, and this week I pushed through my fatigue, nerve aches and muscle spasms to keep moving stretching and getting with the program. Gratitude, motivation, feeling the love all help, along with keeping my mindfullness practices going ie: stop thinking to much and focus on what is happening right now! Not over thinking is a big one for me. It keeps my anxiety level down, and my energy level up. Most of the time..

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