Sunny Sunday


I can’t believe this is the last day of a week holiday.  I think we had every kind of weather.  Chris put a window in, we stacked wood, pruned the driveway.  Had a huge storm.  Did some reading.  I over did it in the heat and got over heated over pained and had a meltdown.   I don’t like to take too many meds but sometimes they are required when Yoga and deep breathing don’t quite cut it.  I can drive myself crazy better than anyone else when I get overtired and over do it. 
Balance is required.  Maintaining it is easier said than done. Especially when I want to help and feel guilty if I don’t.   Except I ended up in a worse place.  Sigh, thankfully the sun is out and my cup is at least half full.  Peanut is being a very good girl -well maybe a little digging in the driveway….


She is just a puppy yet!  She is great company and Chris and I love her to bits. 


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