Shovelling the Deck! Hey I can do this!!

wood deck clear of snow

Wow!!!  Got up this morning, after shooing myself out of bed, to get the Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls in the oven, I know, took the short cut, but they are good!!!  Reheated the leftover cooked coffee made from overground coffee beans, that clogged up the coffee maker, but it tasted good, and wow!! got me moving!!  Watched Iron Man 3 – again – what a great movie, with awesome music, had to put on the surround sound for that.

Anyway, the morning tasks were to clean up the clogged pathways full of branches, fill up the woodbox, do the dishes and clear the front deck, not in any particular order.  You can’t see where the ground is – another 24 inches below the deck, but with the warmer weather 0C, the snow is coming off the steel roof,  and landing on the deck – makes for a messy icy pile to clean up.  So, rather than going to the gym – cleaned off the deck.  I can’t complain – it isn’t a huge deck – and my sweetie does the rest with the snowblower, or ATV , which was a messy job of mush today.

Afterwards enjoyed sitting and watching the chickadees and bluejays at the bird feeder, I think maybe a hot chocolate is in order!!  I am grateful for our woodstove – such a warm heat on a damp day!!