Bird house buried in snow

January 1st, 2014 – Bright and Cold!!

Well, the first day of the new year was pretty brisk!!  So odd to be in the middle of the week, and back to work on Thursday,   tomorrow.

It is hard to convey just how much snow we have had since the beginning of December.  Today, the sun was shining and it was irresistable to go outside, even at -13 C or so. :).  I would imagine the hot sunny beach resorts south will soon be filling with Canadians anxious to get a break from the constant winter.  Snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, it is all good to go right now.  Ice fishing of course, has to be checked with locals for sure, but if we are heading to -25C tonight, not including any windchill factor, it has got to be getting pretty thick.

Not going to make out loud resolutions, I always get stuck on them.  I did truly have a lovely Christmas, family, friends, snow, memories, all good.


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