Love waking up with a headache

I need to research this headache thing. Migraine? Cluster headache? Trigeminal Neuralgia? I do seem to be sensitive to weather pressure, I also was thinking that my headaches are worse at this time of year. So, allergy trigger?? I can do just about anything with most types of pain, but a headache will stop me cold. I don’t want to be stoned by medication, and I have one for migraines that works beautifully, but can only take it 3 times in one week. Most of the time, that is more than sufficient. But not right now. Hence I was up at 4:00 am with an ice pack – which did help some. If I didn’t have to go to work, I would probably just suck it up. So, I took something for the pain, coffee, my anti-depressant and my anti fatigue medication. OMG, am I a druggy???  I am trying to eat more organically and more naturally which has resulted in less stomach upsets.  Still need more vegetables, water and exercise.  UHUH, One step at a time.  If anyone would like to remove my right eyeball for a while, that will be fine with me.



  1. Just ended a 33 day migraine. I felt like I was going insane! I have never had a migraine last more than a day before. I kept requesting a spoon to pop out my left eyeball. Two ER visits, a half a dozen doctors apt’s, and a couple hundred in copays and meds nearly broke us. I tried chriropractic, massage, nymerous medications and acupuncture……nothing stopped it. Finally resorted to a few puffs from a little mary jane. I have never been into that. Tried it when I was younger and it just never felt good so I didn’t take that path. It worked though. Still can’t say I am a fan of how I felt right after…..I just don’t care for that loss of control. But once and its finally gone!!! Currently three days out and the migraine hasn’t come back. It did nothing for the rest of the pain in my body. Absolutely nothing. A part of me was hoping it would all feel better.


  2. Feel better. With migraines, I would request anyone to rip my head off! Please! I agree that diet does help. I currently makes smoothies with a NutriBullet. I can get a great does of fruits and veggies. I never would possible eat what I drink. I believe it is helping. Take care!


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