So Proud of my little girl!!

My little girl got the job she applied for.  So pleased for her, and I hope it turns out to be everything she dreamed….We hope the best for our children, and hope that life won’t be too tough on them.  The reality is, we can really hope we have given them the tools to challenge all life has to offer, every single day.  Then let go, and be there to listen to their journey.  Easier said than done.

On another note, if my eye does not stop twitching soon, I am going to tape it shut.  It is becoming worse than a toothache.  I have an appointment with optomotrist next week, it will probably be gone by then, but if it isn’t.  Taping it shut for sure!!!

I gotta say too, that the more I blog, the more I love reading other blogger’s posts.  Not only about MS, but just about any topic.  With the WordPress Reader, it is like having a newspaper, and at any given moment I can read about pretty near any topic that suits my fancy.  Maybe it is the personal nature of a blog, or the dedication that goes into blogging on a regular basis, I am not sure, but I certainly have gained a lot of respect for blogging in general, and opened my mind to different points of view and different topics of interest.

So what is up for the weekend???   One of my favourite authors – Elizabeth George – has a new novel out.  I am trying very hard to read it slowly, and mindfully – I love her use of language, and I love the flow of her stories.  Over time, I have come to know her characters and the mix of personalities is both entertaining and thought provoking.  It kinda cool too, that even though I don’t see my sister, or my two brothers that often, I  find out that they read the same type of mysteries pretty much as I do, even though they are of a more advanced age.  (giggle)

I am still feeling the loss of my pug – Sir Douglas Winston – usually at certain times of day – and yes, we used to dress him up for Halloween – he was very patient and understanding with us and was the cutest pug ever!!! In the evenings he would snuggle up beside me on the couch, so warm and toasty, and soft….thanks Douggy, even the memory makes me warmer.  Sir Douglas WinstonDoug in the winter2007Doug and Buddy