Where did I put my sense of humour??

Dog on skateboard You know the feeling, someone looks at you, they said something funny, and your funny haha muscle is flatlined. You know it is funny, but the giggle or laugh just ain’t happening.

Now I know this challenge is more prominent in November, so it is important for those with a flattening haha to make sure we get lots of indoor light. Step 1 -when you get up in the morning stand under a 100 watt bulb for 20 minutes if you can, and focus on happy thoughts. Read the comics, pet the dog or cat, and if 20 minutes isn’t long enough, go longer. Your desire to laugh and be cheerful is more important than 10 cents worth of electricity.
Smile at yourself in the mirror. I KNOW! YOU ARE SO GOOD LOOKING!! Seriously, how could you forget that???  Read humorous blogs – there are so many out there!!  You will be amazed at what you can start laughing at if you try.  Being cheerful and of good cheer takes discipline and focus.

Exercise is also important – if like me, going out in the evening is not really going to happen, then grab some weights or cans of soup and start pumping while watching TV.  So, by writing this down, maybe I will remember to do these things myself!!  I am sorry, I don’t know where the picture came from, it looked cute, and I appreciate whomever shared it.