The Beavers of Kahshe Lake

We went for a jaunt over to the cottage today.  Had a couple of items to take over, and we wanted to check a couple of things.  At this time of year, it is difficult to know whether it will be the last weekend or not.  The weather was fresh-but not raining, so I put on my favourite jacket and boots and after my partner had the truck and boat successfully loaded, off we went.  The fresh air was awesome, and I was glad to get out on the water.

I had heard stories of beaver visitations this summer, but today, we saw direct evidence of their presence by way of a tree at the shoreline that had been perfectly felled by an unknown quantity probably just one – beaver.  It was an oak tree.  Apparently they don’t like pine trees, go figure.

So my partner very gently removed the bird house that had been hanging on the tree for about 3 years, and hung it on another tree.  Not that any birds had used it, but you never know.  We may get back over to pull the tree onto the shoreline, chop it up for firewood, but that will be a task for another day, we only had so much sunshine left.

I was truly amazed.  In awe of the beaver’s handiwork.  So, we went for a trip along the shores, to find the beaver lodge- quite the home.  Do they go south for the winter???  Now beavers are a very important part in our eco-system.  They get a bad rap for the dams they create, especially when it affects a person’s property, road, or tree coverage.  Our favourite Canadian eco guy, David Suzuki recently did a special on the importance of the beaver.

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