Vacation is Over…

I had almost two full weeks off! I needed it! Like most of us with MS, as much as we want to do everything….we also know that we need to pace ourselves and if we are going to use all our “spoons” of energy in two hours, we will probably need two days of recovery.

I have been struggling with tight muscles, waking up at night in pain from muscle spasms, amongst other random symptoms that of course may not be related to MS.

So, called my neuro to advise, and went to Physiotherapist to check out things and get some targeted exercises to keep my brain and muscles thinking about what they are supposed to be doing, as well as receiving some pain releasing therapy.

Also checking ergonomics at work, reviewing meds etc. I find it helpful to do a review of all my wellness practices to see if anything needs tweaking to improve my quality of life – which is really pretty good, and I am extremely grateful for what I have.

Of course my amazing sense of humour and support from friends does so much to keep the positive thoughts flowing.

I have been stable for a few years – and not on a dmd, so my neuro has requested MRIs to see if there are any active lesions that may be causing leg weakness, my dancing toes, overall elevated fatigue or ?

Had a wonderful visit from my daughter, son in law, grandson and grandma. I felt bad that they caught the only two days of rain we had over my two weeks off though, but we packed a lot in and seeing everyone was so uplifting!

Thanks Drew for this picture !

Daughter and grandson in a small replica of Segwun, grandson is on his moms arms and pretending to hold the wheel of the ship.
Aye, aye Captain!