Miracles Really do Happen

Well I found this title sitting in my Draft box lol, but no idea what the content was supposed to be?

So my miracle to share is our daughter had a baby boy in November. He is now a month old and a whopping 11 pounds of joy! I have to say our. I know her dad in heaven is beaming with joy too. I never even thought I would get pregnant again so fast..her big brother Allan is 18 months older that she is…so we still have time to like the idea of another one 🙂 Drew is being the most amazing dad too. Maybe I should have said that first lol.

It has definitely brought some family time to me and mine. Even remotely, to be able to zoom, share pictures or chat the joy just keeps spreading out…

Focus on the positive – switching tracks it has been a rough month emotionally. Thankful to work from home. Some might think that odd, because I am not ancient but MS, then MS + HoH and lipread,+ Widow, need to work. I gotta look after me. I want to be able to play with Colby in the dirt and rocks in Muskoka. Show him where is Grandpa Gord grew up and his mom. Plus at the same time I use my depression app when I start to feel overwhelmed by COVID-19, hearing about friends passing, or the fact I just don’t have the same everyday options that I used to have.

I checked out the Government of Canada one, which works great, Emily, MoodTools, there are lots lol to choose from which is great, because one Ap does not fill all. I think just the act of looking for them, using them, depending on the day, makes a big difference. Of course if I could walk into a clinic for 20 minutes that would be great too lol.

Staying safe means when I am able to move freely to wherever whenever I please, you will be too.

Somedays my miracle is getting out of bed, lol.

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