Sunday Aug 24th, 2014 Sunshine!

Peanut is recovering nicely from having her female reproductive parts removed.  I picked her up Friday from the vets.  Of course it was pouring down rain, and the comment from the vet is to keep her dry, no baths etc. for a week.  How is that to happen when we have seemingly endless days of rain, interspersed with sunshine??  Thankfully Saturday was moderately warm and dry and today is unbelieving hot and sunny.  

I don’t know where this summer has gone.  I don’t think we have had one complete week of hot sunny weather.  Every Tuesday it has pretty much thunder stormed, so the nick name is now Tornado Tuesday.  It is hard to stay motivated, or rather get motivated with our crazy summer weather.

Pluses -we had a good holiday at the cottage,

Had a couple of good Miata cruises,

Motorcycle Charity rides were successful,

Got out walking more with Peanut.

Maybe it is because my energy level isn’t where I want it to be.  You can tell me to just go with the flow, and that I will be more content if I just accept the day as it is, but that does not always work.  Depression can make getting out of bed, even on a sunny day hard to do.  I kicked my butt out of bed today, walked the dog, did some laundry, dishes, more dog walking, and cut the grass, more dog walking and then figured I had better eat something.  It isn’t that I am depressed about any one thing, it is just a swirling feeling that grabs me and keeps me stuck.  

Stuff I still want to do this summer – visit friends in Haliburton -they’ve probably forgotten what I look like.  

Sit out in the back yard without being attacked by the ginormous Muskoka Muskquitoes.  

Evidently I need to get out my mindfulness books and get with the program.