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Sunday Aug 24th, 2014 Sunshine!

Peanut is recovering nicely from having her female reproductive parts removed.  I picked her up Friday from the vets.  Of course it was pouring down rain, and the comment from the vet is to keep her dry, no baths etc. for a week.  How is that to happen when we have seemingly endless days of rain, interspersed with sunshine??  Thankfully Saturday was moderately warm and dry and today is unbelieving hot and sunny.  

I don’t know where this summer has gone.  I don’t think we have had one complete week of hot sunny weather.  Every Tuesday it has pretty much thunder stormed, so the nick name is now Tornado Tuesday.  It is hard to stay motivated, or rather get motivated with our crazy summer weather.

Pluses -we had a good holiday at the cottage,

Had a couple of good Miata cruises,

Motorcycle Charity rides were successful,

Got out walking more with Peanut.

Maybe it is because my energy level isn’t where I want it to be.  You can tell me to just go with the flow, and that I will be more content if I just accept the day as it is, but that does not always work.  Depression can make getting out of bed, even on a sunny day hard to do.  I kicked my butt out of bed today, walked the dog, did some laundry, dishes, more dog walking, and cut the grass, more dog walking and then figured I had better eat something.  It isn’t that I am depressed about any one thing, it is just a swirling feeling that grabs me and keeps me stuck.  

Stuff I still want to do this summer – visit friends in Haliburton -they’ve probably forgotten what I look like.  

Sit out in the back yard without being attacked by the ginormous Muskoka Muskquitoes.  

Evidently I need to get out my mindfulness books and get with the program.


Bonfire in the backyard is the best!

Friday night and a Bonfire!

Memories – Fun -Imagination

I was reading another blog yesterday – I will get the proper address to give it due respect, but it the meantime I wanted to share the lovely memories it brought forward.  I am the youngest of 5 children -there is 8 years difference between me and my next sibling.  Not unusual.  My parents were born in 1919 and 1920.  But the cool part? My brother worked at a hardware store.  What did he bring home? – or I credit it to him – I was 4 or 6 – he brought home freezer boxes, fridge boxes, stove boxes -and he or my dad set them up in our basement and made houses out of them for me and my friends to play in. How awesome is that?  I was fortunate to have a basement to play in – I know this.  We cut windows – (or maybe my dad did) and doors, and used crayons to decorate.  I also had some dolls.  I remember this time in my life with great joy. Spring, summer, winter, fall.  There were no worries.  Just enjoying life in the moment.  So, naturally, I am thinking, okay, within the boundaries of adult life this is still possible right? Live life in the moment.  Play is so important, even as adults I think.  Balance. We do it so naturally when we are kids.  Somewhere along the line I lost it.  So, as part of this mature woman over 50 I am re-evaluating and re grounding myself, so why not start off with the wonderful memories of when I was a child?  Our basement was my play world.  I had old school desks down there as well.  Not sure where they came from.  As an adult, I did home day care when my two children were little.  Where did I set it up? Right – in our basement.  and what did I have down there?  Well, in today’s world you can’t just go get a freezer box – but Sears sold a cardboard playhouse complete with windows and doors.  Yep, I bought it, and the kids had a blast.  An indoor tree house in the winter.  For those days when it is too cold to go outside and play. The blog I read that inspired my thought for the day:

Doug Relaxing on Easter Sunday

I am a bit challenged this morning-but I think I figured it out lol. If I posted twice is because I have my contacts on using my Blackberry WordPress App-but he’s so cute right? He just loves to snuggle.

Doug the Pug Sitting in my Arms

Doug releaxing, can you feel how relaxed he is?


Dog in Arms

and more relaxed


Pug relaxation techniques

How to relax Pug Style – too cute right?


Doug the Pug

He moved, can you tell?


Pug words of wisdom

Can you hear me? Really???



My brother in law passed away two days ago.  He was 61.  He had a nastey cancer that he fought with every ounce he had.  He was succesful in beating the odds and living life every day for an amazing number of years.   My late husband-his brother also did the same. Amazing-of course i know my DH had more that he wanted to do,  I have have no doubt that when he is reborn, in whatever form he chooses to take he will take up living just so all over again.  I believe my brother in law will do the same.  Their bodies ran out of juice-cant really blame it on one thing or another.  I have two wonderful children who are very busy figuring out their own lives-and their two cousins are doing the same,   All that part is fine.  My sister in law has the tougher go.  How do you keep going when. The life partner dissappears?  It is never, ever the same.  Luckily I found a fellow that I love dearly-but I seriously feel guilty-that I am a little broken-still me-but not.  So my dearest wish for my sister in law is firstly peace.  She is blessed with a lovely family of brothers and sisters, as well as two daughters and grandbabies-so that role is there for her to enjoy to the fullest.  Grief is such a monster-it pops out at you and seeks control.  It takes time and training to learn how to train it.  Probably why there are so many books devoted to it,  One day at a time.  Enjoy every day.  Live every day with all you have.

Can’t blame everything on MS

Toward the end of January, or maybe beginning of February, I think I started a mild flare, ie: fatigue, right side felt weaker, bit of brain fog, and flu like -muscles ache, tingly arms, the hot wire down my arm, muscle spasms in face, you know. Not all the time, but just enough to know they were there. Continued to go to gym, even for 20 minutes walking, but really? Felt like I was pushing. So then, finally, I thought, time to go for a massage. Luckily, I have coverage through work, and OMG, what a difference lol. So, seriously, maybe the shovelling, carrying wood etc., mighta made a few extra twinges??? Am I 20?? Not. lol. So, on my to do list. Stay positive, keep moving, and get some alternative therapy!!! Next = maybe accupunture? supposed to be good for pain – like the migraines??

Doug did not want to shovel!

Shovelling the roof off of snow usually gets done twice a winter-Chris was the man of the day!!

Pancake Tuesday!!

My daughter Amanda got this lovely dispenser for me…but not directions how to fill it!! Needless to say, I made a lovely mess before Chris came to my rescue!!

Feeling Great!

I have been trying hard not to let my MS get the better of me, part of it is tuning in and listening. Part of it is don’t sweat the small stuff. Today, enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and the beauty of Muskoka, felt awesome! Yes, I got a wee sunburn on my face, and no we didn’t catch any fish!

Kahshe Lake Ice Fishing

Fabulous Day with Sunshine and friends!

Nope, I don't look sick

disability isn't always visible


My Walk..........Living With MS

Tripping Through Treacle

Stumbling my way through life with Multiple Sclerosis

The Daily Post

The Art and Craft of Blogging

Two Rooms Plus Utilities

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