Depression Sucks

Depression really sucks, especially when you are trying to use all the tools to get unstuck, and they just don’t work.   You know, do the things that make you happy.  Be kind to yourself.  Get outside, get physical.   Then there is the mindfulness way, sit with the sadness, know that it is an emotion and it too will pass.  Today, it isn’t working, and I am just not sure where to go from here.


  1. When I get sad I put on a weepy movie and cry and cry and cry.Then I washed my face and plaster a smile on my mouth and go out to be around people. It ain’t easy but it works for me. Otherwise I eat a quart of haagen-daz ice cream. My hips prefer the first option.


  2. many find much success
    being mindful of their body
    and other conditions of happiness.
    mindful of the miracle of walking on earth
    aware of each breath and each step.
    may you be well 🙂


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