MS Walk

Whew, I can’t believe how the time is getting away from me!! We invited a new puppy into our lives two weeks ago, and just like a new mum she has created brain fog (additional), and has my moved my focus arrow to her. As a parent, we often think of our children before anything else, and when they are little, we seem to be connected to that thought process 24/7. Naturally as she fits into our life, the balance shifts back to normal (not sure what that is anymore) and of course, she is adorable, lovable, and brings much joy and laughter into our daily life. So, back to the Walk, my daughter started the Team, back when she was going to school at the University of Ontario in Oshawa, since she is working full-time in Toronto, I have continued the team but in Bracebridge, where the Ontario Muskoka Chapter walks.  Jane Shumaker has joined the Team, and I need to get moving with pledge sheets, emails etc. I also help out with the Muskoka Thunder website, and my work Local OPSEU 325, hmm, I love being busy, I really do, but I haven’t played my Luminosity in forever!! My MS has been pretty stable thankfully, and I am grateful for the meds that I have and the Canadian MS Society for the work that they do.  It is always a challenge to find research money, money to support those with MS, their families, resources and balance the needs accordingly.  It is a mostly invisible disease, I what appears to be a slight limp -foot drop and weakness in my right leg, most of the time, you can’t see it, but if I am tired, and overdo things, it can be more prominent.  Words in my brain don’t always make it to my mouth in the right order, the right sentence, or sometimes the right word for the thought I am trying to express.  Thankfully, I have a good sense of humour, and my partner is getting pretty good at our own unique version of wordinary, you know the game I mean :).  There are also the times that laughter erupts in a not so good situation – can be embarassing, especially if in a public meeting….. or tears, they start and won’t stop…… but those are pretty minimal and not worth getting bothered about.  Depression is a little more challenging, going to the gym, writing this blog, yoga and learning to meditate are helping with that.  As human beings, we are so adaptable, going with the flow is so important, keeping the glass half full, don’t sweat the small stuff, all go a long way to living well every day. Now about the snow in the back yard……