November 30, 2013

Well it was a pretty awesome day.  Our float rocked in the parade today, what a blast!!  The sun shone, everybody was happy, life is good….and I am glad we have scheduled a day of R&R tomorrow.  It has been a busy couple of days with lots of fresh air and exercise!!

The stress reduction mindfulness group therapy course I have been taking is awesome.  I had no idea how much my body was aching due to stress and how much paying attention to myself and my body would help make me feel so much better.  I have been able to reach the stage of MS? That is two letters in the alphabet.  Life is a challenge, and I am bringing me back to life, one day at a time, one moment at a time…..but I still lost my phone in my back pocket :).

I know I still have a way to go, but I no longer have the same fear, or anxiety that I had.  Being mindful, at work, at home, for children, for life, is getting a lot of press lately, and rightfully so.  Some, come by it naturally, some like me, need a good dose of learning.  I never thought I could benefit from group therapy, but the ability to see how others benefit in their daily life from learning the same simple techniques for daily living is motivational.   Whether you have lost a loved one, have a chronic illness, depression, or work stress, the course I am taking benefits all.  Dr. Bill Knight teaches this 12 week course on mindfulness, and I endorse it wholeheartedly.