Better Day – Cooled the Inner Core

Kahshe Lake somewhere
Out for a boatride

Vacations are a wonderful thing – apparently it is 30C feeling like 35C, which is fine. I have been outside earlier -to give Doug a bath, and to take the garbage out and walk around the house. It is lovely sunshine. Great day for whatever you choose to do. My brain is less fuzzy, and I feel significantly restored. Have to remember to keep the fluid levels up. We are proposing a boat ride, if Chris doesn’t wear himself out first. Washed his hats, vacuumed my car – I forgot to put the top up. I have 5 books borrowed from the library for my e reader. There is one I want to purchase-I use KOBO, but I am holding out, until I read all the other ones. I am waiting patiently for Elizabeth George to finish her next novel -always a treat, Tammi Hoag, I think has a new one out, and I have been borrowing from the e library -a wonderful service through Overdrive, and the Canadian Government funding, I look for older books by my favourite authors and gobble them up. I need a good summer read – murder in the cottage country, female cop with love interest, no tv, internet or telephone access – how would they solve it? bit of physic ability, family drama on the side- or maybe just a short story would be better??