MS Rant – Do not read

Old steamship mail boat and passenger boat for Muskoka Lakes
Ready to cruise?

Well I don’t know if it is a flare from the heat, or a relapse, or what, I don’t even care about that part, I just want my body back. New symptom – the ms hug – it does seem to subside some after moving about.   Old symptoms – brain freeze- I know I am awake, but can somebody tell my brain how to talk?  Increased muscle weakness in hips and right leg -just progression? or is my brain not talking to these body parts? Facial twitching – had it before, but now I think I am playing the part of Bewitched, my nose twitches lol.  Bowels slower than mud, bad comparison, bladder not so quick either. Did a round of oral steroids last week, don’t think it did squat.  Eyes hurt – but that could be allergies – Random nerve pain to ears, hands, or any other part of my body.  I work in air conditioning, I live in air conditioning, and now I am on vacation with the energy of a slug.  or a slugs grandmother.   Have I bitched long enough?  I did get a parking pass – why not? My left pelvis gets locked on forward.  I am doing some physio therapy for leg weakness and core strength.  Should have done this ages ago, but didn’t realize how weak it was?  I haven’t had any new lesions since the first year – so if no new lesions, you think no new symptoms, or no body acting like it has ms right?  I have been reading about the remyliating experiments – I think they, along with stem cell transplants, cause they have these younger cells that help remyelating , are going to be the treatment of the future , more so than the ccvi, whatever.  Plus  I hate to tell my partner all my symptoms, cause then I feel like I am being a winer…which I am right now, then I am done, moving forward – have to use that mindfulness theory – tell my body to get with the program, don’t deny the symptoms, but don’t let them control your life -hense the I have ms but it doesn’t have me slogan.  I am not letting it take me over, I just need to be sensible, patient, maintain my sense of humour and have reasonable expectations of my day.

So, the sun is shining, and it is a beautiful day.  Partner is off at an event, and I am catching up on Coronation Street, enjoying morning coffee and sitting with Doug (pug).  Hopefully we will get out for a boat ride today – or at least to a beach where I will float in cool water, and Chris can fish , oops, if I am floating, will I scare away the fish??

By Sarah Lomas

I have my eyes wide open to catch all my dreams. MSWarrior! Widowed and then some, proud mom of two fantastic kids. Wear two hearing aids and primarily lip read. Always looking for new things to to try.

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